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FEELING: I think Spring is finally here to stay, and with the warmer temps I'm rediscovering all sorts of hidden gems that come with doing regular yard work—many of which, I managed to forget from last year. For instance, while picking weeds (AGAIN) in the garden boxes out back, Max pointed to my beloved pink blooms and shouted "Look mom, your 'panties' are popping!" It appears that Max's mispronunciation of the word Peonies is still alive and well. Haha! Oh, how did I EVER let that little gem slip my mind?? Suddenly being an oversharer got even more awkward.

THANKFUL FOR: You guys! Max and I BOTH have dental appointments on Saturday and I'd usually be freeeeeeeeaking out right about now, but it turns out we have routine cleanings only. Phew! When the receptionist called last week to confirm, I instantly felt sick to my stomach. Just as she was getting ready to say good-bye, I blurted out really quickly: "Um, we're just getting them cleaned right? There's no x-rays or anything??" She reassured me and hung up. Le sigh. After Max's dental drama back in November and my colorful history of cavities and damaged nerves, I can't take any bad news. I seriously need Flyboy to be around the next time we learn we need a filling (or five), which could certainly be the case in six months. But hey, at least he'll be home by then! Woot woot!

THINKING ABOUT: With the rise of Instagram, the focus has shifted to influencers mostly and less about blogging. This change has been slightly discouraging and has ultimately kept me from putting myself out there for fear of schlepping products or selling out to silly sponsorships. Regrets mixed with the comparison game can be downright exhausting on social media. Somewhere along the way, I managed to miss the mark and watched as others continued to gain "followers" all while mine continued to yo-yo. Earning money was never my primary motivation behind blogging (maybe that's my problem?), but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I would like it to result in a few new creative opportunities here and there. That being said, I recently made a pitch to a company that I'd like to work with. I haven't heard back from them, but I'm proud that I put myself out there. I was hesitant to do so, mostly because my stats aren't quite as shiny as some of the super bloggers and Insta-famous. Ultimately, if the quantity isn't what they're looking for, I know I can bring it with the quality of the content. It's important for me to stay in my lane, keep focused on what I'm doing, and challenge myself along the way. Fear of rejection shouldn't keep me from trying. 

LISTENING TO: My kid started referring to himself in the third person recently and it's driving me bonkers. I'm fairly certain he knows it annoys me at this point, so ol' M. C. Fine really dials it up some days in true four-nado fashion. Um, can you spell stubborn? I correct him ad nauseum, make him repeat the sentence correctly, offer explanations as to why this isn't necessary, etc.—but h
ere we are. If it's not one thing, it's another with kids.

WATCHINGWhile I get ready each morning, I usually have Nick Jr. on the TV in our bedroom for Max to watch while he plays with his Legos. A few weeks ago while doing our usual morning routine, he walked into my bathroom with his shoulders slumped and a pouty face. Naturally, I asked him what was wrong and he responded: "I'm just sad I don't have a furniture store named after me." Anyone who watches the kids' channel is probably pretty familiar with the fact that they air Ashley Home Furniture commercials FREQUENTLY. Haha! It took me a few seconds before I realized what Max was referring to, but then a light bulb went off and I couldn't help but giggle. Now I wonder how long it will be before he realizes the channel he's watching is named after his dad??? Gasp! This age is an absolute riot.

RECOMMENDING: If you want a consistent source of comedic relief, follow Heather McMahan on Instagram. Y'all, she cracks me up! Her storytelling results in me laughing out loud hysterically while staring at my phone. What can I say? She's living her truth, one Soulja Boy song and Aperol Spritz at a time and I'm here for it. You should too.

EATING : Earlier this month, we visited my parents and saw Dumbo at the Alamo Draft House. The movie remake was sweet and all, but I was mostly in it for the chili dog. If you have access to one of these fancy theaters, order this from the menu immediately, and thank me later. Seriously. We attended a 10 AM showing on a Saturday and I called this meal brunch. No shame in my game. I was NOT going to miss out on my chance to order the best chili dog ever.

: My parents are coming to Delaware next week for my mom's Spring Break. We're going to work in the yard (mulch delivery day!!!) AND paint the kitchen cupboards. OMG!! I'm so excited!! Paint is going to totally transform/update the space, and the yard definitely needs a little extra TLC. Checking stuff like this off the to-do list is very gratifying on so many levels, but it also makes me feel like we're getting closer to Flyboy's homecoming. Whenever that might be, I think he's going to be so impressed with the changes.

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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