Thursday, April 25, 2019



FEELING: My sister is coming to DC this weekend for Jurassic Quest and I couldn't be more excited that she gets to join us for a long weekend together. Aside from our day of dino mania, it will be a blast to dish on all the Bravo drama (you know we'll #mentionitall), go shopping, hit up a museum or two, and just catch up on life. She's been so busy settling into her new job and location these past few months; I can't wait to hear about it! I'm proud of her.

THANKFUL FOR: I don't have all the details yet, but there's a very good chance Flyboy will be coming home A LOT sooner than we anticipated. You guys!! The relief this brings. The joy. I become a blubbering ball of overwhelming gratitude when I start thinking about him returning. The idea that we could potentially get two months back that we were prepared to spend apart is such a gift. I don't know what we did to get this lucky, but I'm beyond grateful.

THINKING ABOUT: Two weeks ago, Beesly could hardly move her hind legs or lift her body from the ground. I was sick to my stomach just watching her struggle and prayed that a little rest would do the trick. Thankfully, she managed to rally for us a few days later and has been back to her (stiff) old lady ways ever since. I'm still trying to get used to the idea that this is our new normal with a ten-year-old dog. We're going to witness both good days and bad days. 

LISTENING TO: I went approximately ten days without painting my nails because it was pretty much worthless with all the cabinets and yard work. Naturally, I was itching to give myself a manicure after we were done, and when I finally got around to it on Monday, Max ran over and shouted: "Mommy! You have your nails back. Thank goodness!" Haha! What can I say? I guess he's grown accustomed to my Clambake adorned digits over the past four years.

WATCHING: You knew this was coming, right? It deals with Netflix and starts with the letter B. Since I haven't gotten around to Beyoncé's Homecoming yet (What is wrong with me??), it's got to be about Brené. Did you watch her special yet? Simply put, it's amazing and reminds us that hard things are born of vulnerability, whether it be heartbreak or grief of disappointment. We just need to remember to show up and put ourselves out there. There is no courage without being all in and that means you're going to feel a little scared in the process, but it's worth the risk.

EATING: I knew there would be moments in motherhood that would make me proud, but I assumed they would deal with acts of kindness or bravery. That just makes sense, right? I wasn't prepared for a similar feeling to come over me as I watched Max down a Reese's Egg in just two bites. Y'all, I got choked up and was ready to slow clap after his performance this past weekend. Thoughtfulness is great and all, but have you tried peanut butter and chocolate?  

: About a month ago, I found myself complaining about headbands on Instagram. Most of us agreed that they're cute, but they hurt, and we can barely make it through the day before we have to give in and take the darn thing off. Always a glutton for punishment with a soft spot for a sweet Liberty London print, I gave this Turban Knot Headband from J.Crew a shot, and I'm obsessed. First off, the turban design is just the right size if you want to dabble with the trendy style. The proportion is perfecto. Second, it's lightweight and DOESN'T pinch the sides of my head. I was skeptical when I bought it and figured this accessory would end up in my basket of cute headbands that I can never really wear, but I was proven wrong this time. If the folks at 770 can keep this up, that would be fab!

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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