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FEELING: In a week Max and I have dental appointments. We're talking about the REAL kind, where you don't just get to go in for a simple cleaning. Instead, there's the x-rays and exams, which really means our chances of learning about more cavities is imminent. In the past, I've always made Flyboy go with us, but it didn't seem to work out this year. Let's hope Max breaks his streak of bad dental luck (to me, that's totally a thing!) in 2019. I'm especially interested to see what the doc has to say about the two loose teeth he's sporting on the bottom front. Do kids begin losing teeth at age five? If so, it looks like somebody is going to have to add this rite of passage to his ongoing list of achievements.

THINKING ABOUT: I don't want to turn on Zooey Deschanel because you know I adore her; however, I'm a bit concerned. Not only is she dating one of the Property Brothers (erm...), but she's also the new face of CROCS. How? Why? This is one of those collaborations that I just can't seem to get on board with. Stick with the Peter Pan collars, a-line skirts, and epic bangs. Please don't try to sell plastic clogs to me. I can't go for that. No can do.

THANKFUL FOR: Yesterday we found out whether I'll be having a niece or nephew. Eek! Obviously, I'm super excited to tell you guys, but I'm going to wait for my sister to give me the green light before I share the big reveal with you. Sorry, that was rotten of me! Thankfully, the baby is healthy and my sister is doing great at 20 weeks. Woo hoo!

WATCHING: Speaking of pregnancies, everyone on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta is breeding. Holy smokes! There are SOOOOOO many babies. Lately, my feelings regarding the Bravo franchise has been lukewarm, but if anyone can suck me back in it's the women of Hotlanta (along with the drama-filled Jersey girls)! This season should be no exception. Now, where is Nene? Is she the new Vicki? Why are we seeing so little of the OGs? Dammit, Andy!

READING: Maybe with Flyboy at training, I'll get around to reading an actual book. For now, here's some link love...

This Is Us via The Faux Martha — I felt so seen and heard!
Free Rodney Reed —Consider signing this petition. Gov. Abbott needs to do the right thing.

EATING: I'm pleased to announce that one week after Halloween we've managed to get rid of ALL the candy. I never want to see another Reese's until it's time for Christmas trees and then again when the Easter eggs are available. Also, is it really any wonder why I'm stressed about visiting the dentist? It's not rocket science, but in my defense, Flyboy eats the SAME stuff, doesn't even floss and has never ONCE had a cavity. I don't sound bitter at all, do I?

: I can count on one hand how many times I've described my child as delightful. I promise I'm not being dramatic here. Sure we have some really fun moments together where he can be super sweet and I truly adore being his mom, but whenever my mother asks me how Max has been lately and I actually use the d-word, you can bet within 24 hours he will come down with something. After five years of motherhood, you would think I would learn, but on Saturday I went on to my mom about how great Max's behavior was that day and perhaps our dear child was turning a corner. WRONG! He was just sick. The nice part about Maxwell on the mend is that he oozes with kindness and cuddles, so keeping him home from school on Monday didn't seem like a terrible idea until he realized he didn't get to see his friends and teachers and revolted against me all day long. Haha! I swear you can't win with this child. At one point I found him pouting in a corner and asked him what was going on. He responded earnestly, "I'm just so mad at you for making me stay home when today is Lunch Bunch Monday!!!" Wasn't it just two months ago when he was bawling because he didn't want to go to school? 
Good grief! Sorry I didn't want to get everyone at the YMCA sick. 

LOVING: I've been itching to try some of the Olive & June products (namely the nail polish) for a while now, but the shades are so subdued I kept holding out for my kind of punchy red before placing an order. Everyone raves about the quality (supposedly long-lasting) and the fact that it's 7-free, so when the company launched a series of holiday hues last week, I gave their site a look and was ecstatic to see the prettiest red named after THE Clare Vivier. I almost fell out of my seat. I've been waiting for this day and the company delivered!! I can't wait to give some of their goods a go and report back. I plan on testing CV, in addition to their top coat, the beloved Poppy, and their cuticle serum.  

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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