Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Sweet Escape

It's the Tuesday after a three-day weekend. Oy! An "escape" sounds slightly silly and gluttonous since the work week is just beginning, but the discovery of this mid-century sofa has me daydreaming. Alright, I'll share if you insist...

I imagine we'd spend the day together on this colorful couch. Get comfortable, we'll be here for awhile. Our chatter would mimic that of Rory and Lorelei Gilmore. The range of topic matters would bounce around back and forth like a perky ping-pong ball. And since we're the kind of gals who like to multitask, we would definitely need a handful of glossies and coffee table books to thumb through. The literature would also help jog our memory and facilitate discussion—as if we really need help! On the other hand, it's hard to remember exactly EVERYTHING I'd intended to discuss with you. It's just nice to talk about this stuff with someone that really gets me. Great company and this charming sofa call for a cozy ambience, so I'll light a candle that smells so good we can practically hear Martyn Lawrence-Bullard say it's delicious. Fresh flowers are necessary. How often do we get to spend the day together? This sweet escape calls for warm chocolate chip cookies—dunking in milk is optional, but highly encouraged.
P.S. A grammar lesson about ambience for those of you who get turned on by the proper use of a semicolon.

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