Friday, October 25, 2013

Lurve Loave Luff

Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.
  • Pointed Toe Flats // I ADORE this image from Sole Society's Lookbook. This is a definite Ashley ensemble.
  • Best Foot Forward Door Mat // Of course I have house stuff on my mind at all times right now. I'm trying my darndest to make this temporary apartment feel cozy and as much like home as possible. I'm hoping a few little updates will give this rental furniture some personality that screams the Fines live here! 
  • What do your pins say about you? // I loved this article on Design Sponge, The Pinnable Life, that analyzed what your pins say about you. The article also asks the reader why s/he pins. It got me thinking about my personal motive to push that little pin button so frequently. While it's mindless and fun, I pin to learn new recipes/DIYs, to be visually stimulated by images that bring me joy, as a resource for my blog, and to be surrounded/inspired by other creative types. My mom makes fun of me, but I'm very picky about the images I pin (especially recipes). If there's crappy lighting and the image lacks composition, I won't add it to my board. I want my Pinterest boards to be colorful and aesthetically pleasing. Pin snob alert! 
  • A completely different perspective on Pinterest according to Emily McDowell, which a strange part of me agrees with. Hmm, it looks like I'm conflicted... Anyone, anyone? Bueller?
  • Etsy Illustrations // I featured Roaring Softly's work in Monday's post, but I can't get enough of her drawings. I'm pretty smitten with this "Nailed It" print. Oh, and how fabulous is this "Limonata" illustration by Amy Walters? Everyday items are so much cuter when they're sketched in a whimsical drawing.
  • Brass Change Catcher // Flyboy has a tendency to leave his loose change sprinkled throughout the house. This might be a nice catchall and would hopefully encourage him to keep it in one place. Nice try, Ash!
  • Suede Studded Kiki Flats // In instances like this, I kinda maybe sorta wish I still had that J.Crew discount.
  • Home Chic: Decorating with Style // If India Mahdavi's style tips and tricks inside the book are half as chic as the cover, then we're all in for a treat with some sparkle and serious flair.
  • J.Crew New Arrivals // I'm hoping to pop into my local store this weekend and see the new arrivals in person. Two little things I'm loving include these Note Cards and these Cyrstal Button Earrings. You can count on me sharing some more of my faves in an upcoming post. Twist my arm and make me talk about the Crew, will you?! Thoughts on the latest rollout? Don't forget it's 25% off purchases $150 or more!
  • Worked for Dorothy // This print had me grinning BIG time. Check out the Skoope Home Shop and stat!
  • Large Dot Socks // This post was lacking in the polka-dot department, and that's not like The Love List.
  • Reese's and Nutella Cake // This week, Laura rocked my world when she featured this sinful delight. Would it be gluttonous to have two birthday cakes in one week? Didn't think so.

Cheers to a snazzy weekend, m' dears!
Thank you SO much for welcoming me back to Bloggieville this week with such love. xo
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