Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Need Read Greed

Today's Need Read Greed courtesy of the lovely Lori Christensen of Carde Blanche:
  • NEEDWhile the price tag of this beauty would certainly put it in the Greed category, the time spent using it would qualify for the Need category.  As a pen enthusiast (often called one who pilfers pens along the way), I fiend, crave, and covet fine writing instruments. Don't get me wrong…I've been known to protect an inexpensive Bic Writer because it wrote so well, never skipped, bled or smeared. I don't judge by price or packaging. All points go toward comfort and performance. Currently living a monochromatic life — I'm drawn to all things black and white. In particular, white…as it's pure, clean, sophisticated and timeless. I need this pen. I write more letters than anyone I know. I love all things paper and this would certainly be the icing on my pen collection cake.
  • READThis book will grab you from the first page. You won't want to put it down. You will laugh and cry and have a love-hate relationship with the author. But most importantly, you will cherish every moment reading this book…and many moments after. You will not want it to end. You will recommend it to everyone you know. Go get it now. Right now. Kindle. Hardcover. Library. Don't waste another moment on what you're reading.
  • GREEDThere is something so incredibly fantastic about these patent leather ankle boots. I can't decide whether they make me want to run away from home for a few days in rebel form, jump on my Harley Davidson, or grab my Derby and head out on the town. They exude style, beg for the perfect Boyfriend Jean and are made with Patent Leather…which I promise to wear all year round. The fact that these designer nuggets don't scream their name brand make me want them all the more. I'm collecting coins, looking for dollars in the dryer and pondering an early winter Lemonade stand to start saving. These have my name all over them!

Thanks for sharing, Lori! I would totally frequent your lemonade stand in an effort to help you get those boots.

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