Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The people at Rocksbox reached out to me recently to see if I'd like to try their jewelry subscription service. Um, that's a no-brainer because I LOVE accessories! For $19 a month you get access to an unlimited closet of designer jewelry. Who doesn't love that? Once you've signed up, you're asked to take a brief survey which gives the stylists a better idea of your aesthetic. Three pieces of jewelry are then sent to you to flaunt and keep for as long as you want, or they can be swapped out when you're ready to try something new. In case you fall hard for any of the snazzy gems, you get the option of purchasing your jewels at 20% off. Not too shabby!

When I assess my colorful arsenal of accessories, there are timeless pieces I know I'll treasure forever and other trendy items that I typically end up giving away. Looking back at the jewelry I've donated, I realize I probably wasted a lot of money on pieces I didn't absolutely love or need. Womp, womp. Don't get me wrong, they were fun to wear at the time, but nothing I really treasured. Naturally, the option of receiving a box filled with three handpicked pieces to style and wear as I please sounds pretty fun and reasonable. I'm keen on trying different styles without the commitment of purchasing the trendy baubles. And in the event I do fall head over heels for any of the pieces, I can always purchase it at a discount price.

When I opened my first Rocksbox last week, I was pretty pleased with the pieces selected for me. I received the Urban Gem Victoria Necklace, the Gorjana Crescent Drop Earrings, and the Robyn Rhodes Ellis Bracelet. I especially love the simplicity of the studs and cuff. The necklace isn't terribly special, but it's fun to style and wear once or twice. I honestly would have never considered trying earrings like the ones the stylist chose for me, but I'm glad they included them in my Rocksbox. I was  also really drawn to the organic shape of the bracelet. I may keep this brand in mind for future gift ideas. This is a piece I can totally see my sister wearing on a frequent basis. Overall, Rocksbox is a fun way to mix things up in the spirit of baubles and bling. Who can you argue with that?!

Interested in giving Rocksbox a whirl? Sign up here, and use this code ashleyxoxo6 to get your first month FREE. 
Have any of you tried Rocksbox or any other stylish subscription services? Thoughts?
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