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Happy Tuesday, m' dears! After last week's long-winded update, I'd say it's best if we hop straight to the details...

  • Beesly's recovery from her latest surgery should last six weeks minimum, so Max and I have been spending more time in the house than usual to ensure she's safe and rests. I'd be lying if I said I haven't had to rethink our daily schedule (AKA "Operation Wear Max Out)". Prior to Tripp's passing and Beesly's injury, we spent 1.5 to 2 hours a day outdoors walking around base, playing at the local parks, or running errands in town. We've done a pretty good job thus far keeping ourselves entertained, and while I'm more ready than ever to get back to our old routine, it's just not worth the risk of her throwing out her leg again. As far as I'm concerned, we've paid for enough limb repairs already. Ha! Instances like this make me wish our dear Berner could be contained in a kennel or locked in a bedroom, but past experiences have proven that when she's determined she'll find her way out. The damage just isn't pretty.
  • Since we've made a few tweaks to the ol' routine, I've been going into town solo on Saturdays to get groceries. It's kind of nice to get all gussied up and not have to pack a half-dozen fruit snacks in my purse as a means of survival. You know it's bad when the cashier at HEB confronts you about the fact that you switched it up and you're childless.
  • Every once in awhile I like to pop into the local Dollar Tree on my own and stock up on random trinkets for Max (i.e. kazoos, balloons, balls, glasses, miniature dinosaurs, stickers, etc.). I typically store the odds and ends with my party supplies and craft materials with the intent to whip something fun out whenever I deem it necessary. This secret stash of surprises comes in handy whenever the weather is cruddy or we simply need to mix it up. In fact, the Hockney-esque specs in the second photo came from my collection of goodies and they're one of Max's favorites. We took them with us to Missouri, and they were a source of endless entertainment for everyone. I never expected them to make it back to Texas, but it's amazing how some of the cheapest toys become the most novel.
  • Since Beesly had her surgery, Max likes to make everything "all better." Whether it's his stuffed animal dog, a plane, or his bike, he makes it a point to get out his toolbox, assess the situation, and do whatever it takes to get it back in working order. It's pretty stinking sweet—even if that means I step on the occasional loose plastic screw.
  • I realize the posts lately have been heavy with dog-related discussions, but this is our life right now. Bear with me. While I'm at it, I have to tell you about the sweet manager at our new veterinary clinic. Max is absolutely obsessed with Teri, which is crazy because he rarely warms up to people, especially women. I personally think it has something to do with how genuine and kind she is, along with the the fact that Teri hugged me at least a dozen times the night we put Tripp down. Since we've been back to visit the clinic, Max has received the royal treatment. He gets the chance to go to the back and see all of the animals and even works the computers up front.
  • In an effort to break up some of the linoleum in our base housing unit and keep Beesly from slipping, we snagged this rug from West Elm on sale recently. I love how the extra layering makes the space look finished and the table pops.
  • I don't care to make this space political. That being said, it's no secret I ADORE everything about Michelle Obama. Saying good-bye to my favorite FLOTUS last week wasn't easy and made me think about that time I ALMOST met Mrs. O. Remember this post?? Revisiting it made me giggle, and I still think we're bound to connect at some point.
  • I have a wall of plates in the kitchen, but it never felt finished and always seemed a little too matchy-matchy for my taste. After getting a gift card to Anthropologie for Christmas, I was browsing the website and stumbled upon these adorable pieces from Danielle Kroll. I think the plates might be exactly what I need to complete this whimsical space. 

Alright, enough from me. How the heck are YOU? I'm dying to know.

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