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THINKING ABOUT: Being cooped up in the house for the past three weeks fulfilling my role as Clara Barton to our resident Berner has resulted in frequent baking. Gulp. This, my friends, essentially negates the thirty minutes I spend on my bike every morning and I'm fairly certain my jeans will feel the wrath soon enough. Sigh. Perhaps a lot of it is mental, but without our daily strolls around base, I don't necessarily feel really good about eating said baked goods (but that hasn't stopped me). Ha! Life with Max means I rarely get the chance to sit down for long periods of time, but part of me would like to get a step counter of some sort to keep track of my activity and also to monitor my heart rate whenever I spin. Do you have any recommendations as to what brand or model is best? I don't want to spend a ton, but it would be nice to have something that's accurate and not too terribly hideous.

THANKFUL FOR: Over the past week I've received TWO unexpected care packages from friends and they've each brought a tremendous amount of joy to Swell Rio. You know it's going to be an outstanding day when you open a box and find a pair of dangly earrings and a darling mug from Draper James (Hey, Reese!), or endless treats from Trader Joe's like chocolate covered cherries and my beloved Gummie Tummies. Squee! These thoughtful gestures certainly weren't necessary, and I'm completely overwhelmed by the random acts of kindness. Needless to say, it's time to dust off the thank-you notes!

WATCHING: We're a little late to the party, but we started watching The Crown, and I'm pretty obsessed with the series. You guys, the scenes in Malta and Kenya?? Swoon! The accessory hoarder in me started drooling over the sunglasses, brooches, and scarves. Of course, the actual story is pretty fabulous too, I just tend to get carried away with the details in addition to the drama. Can you relate?? I think the last time I got genuinely excited about a brown-and-white polka-dot dress was the first time I watched Pretty Woman. Yep, this Netflix jewel is just that good! I can't wait to binge watch some more this weekend.

EATING: Trust me when I say this Greek Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner might be THE best meal I've cooked in awhile, and I've tried A LOT of really great recipes from the SkinnyTaste Fast & Slow cookbook over the past few weeks. While the meal is inexpensive and EASY, you'll find it's incredibly flavorful! After a few of Gina's recipes called for fresh oregano, I've decided I'll be planting it in our garden boxes ASAP. I honestly think the herb paired with lemon and feta makes the meal so delicious. Try it!

LISTENING TO: Am I the only mom who occasionally doubles down on white noise?? For instance, the noise machine in his room is turned on (full volume, obvi) in addition to an app on my phone, which is currently located outside his bedroom?! Does that make sense?? After a few afternoons with failed naps, I just couldn't take any chances today. It kind of feels like I'm blogging from a tunnel, and I'm starting to think this practice is normal. What is silence anyway?

READING: A year ago I read The Whole-Brain Child and devoured the authors' advice. But now that I'm in the toddler trenches, I find myself looking for MORE help than I ever thought I needed. Because I like Siegel and Bryson's approach in the first book, I was excited to find out about No-Drama Discipline. Have you read it? Tatiana of Flora & Fauna has a dear little boy a few days older than Max and she recommended it in this post. I was so grateful for the advice I immediately ordered a copy and it arrived on Tuesday. Huzzah! I've only read a few chapters, but some of the practices and techniques mentioned have left me feeling hopeful. That being said, the slacker mom in me would probably be a lot further if I didn't opt to stuff my face with oatmeal raisin cookies while watching Vanderpump Rules in the evenings. Then again, who can say no to a roast in honor of Jax Taylor?? Am I right?! 

LOVING: Our local HEB has had Tulips for the past few weeks and the fresh blooms have made life lately so much sweeter. I'm almost hesitant to get groceries this weekend because I can't bear to think about coming home empty-handed. In fact, I think the manager at the floral department might want to avoid me after I hunted her down two weeks ago and asked if she'd open the box of freshly delivered blooms. In my defense, I could literally see Tulip heads poking out of a cutout in the box. Come hither, y'all!

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 
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