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Happy Hump Day, m' dears! I'll admit that I've been mostly hesitant to jump back into blogging because of today's post. I mean, how in the world do I begin to explain what's gone on since we parted ways in early December? SO much has changed. Where would I even begin? And just as I'd set a mental deadline for myself, I felt overwhelmed by the idea of summarizing the past few months in words, so I'd start thumbing through photos for inspiration instead. It was only when I selected over 900 photos to transfer from my phone to my computer that even the most colorful to-do felt daunting as well. Ha! I promise I won't subject you to that kind of torture, but over the course of the next few weeks, I do intend to share snippets from the past five months that are worth highlighting. There were a handful of memorable moments that made me smile, even amidst the chaos of moving and home-buying.

Until then, here are a few Delaware-related deetz worth noting for now...
  • In the weeks leading up to closing on our home, my mom and I made a few trips to Dover to check out the house, meet with contractors, painters, etc., and coordinate a few small renovations. Since Flyboy was at training in Oklahoma from December through March, it helped having someone to bounce around ideas and make decisions. My parents were invaluable during this transition, and I'm forever grateful for what they did to make this move go as smoothly as it did.
  • We closed on February 20th and the movers were scheduled to deliver our household goods on March 23rd. At the time, our contractor assured us that four weeks would be plenty to complete the projects we wanted done (wood floors installed throughout the first floor of the home, painting, smooth-coating a wall in the living room, and the installation of subway tile in the kitchen). "Too blessed to be stressed" was the phrase he used as part of his initial sales pitch and it didn't take long for me to realize that he just meant that HE, himself, wouldn't be stressed throughout the process. 
  • Enter moving day (see picture #7 to get an accurate feel of what we were working with the morning the moving truck arrived). Five days past the deadline we agreed upon in our contract, Mr. Stress-less and his crew were nowhere near being finished. Insert deep breaths here. Beyond livid, I spent most of that Friday trying to figure out where in the hell the movers should place our stuff since the vast majority of the wood floors still needed to be installed and we were without subway tile. For the next seven days, the entire lower level was useless, covered in dust, and the majority of our belongings were stacked strategically in the garage. We spent most of our time upstairs working on the bedrooms, sorting/stacking boxes, and wondering when the chaos might end. I wish I could say the job completion occurred shortly thereafter, but it was a little over two weeks later before we finally said good-bye to King Calm for good.
  • With the nuttiness behind us and lots of assistance from my parents, we were able to knock out most of the unpacking within the first ten days (Woo hoo!), paint some more (Farrow and Ball is where it's at, y'all!), hang lights, tend to the landscaping, place furniture and knick-knacks, etc. In just six short weeks this space has started to really feel like home and I'm genuinely excited to see what lies ahead for Team Fine.
  • You can expect an official home tour (with sources) over the next few months that will include some before and after photos. For now, feel free to watch this video, which will hopefully give you an idea of the first floor and some of the changes we've made since we moved in. A special thanks to Max's nap-time for making this possible! I'm sorry the quality isn't spectacular. I've contemplated going live on Instastories, but I wasn't sure if there was an interest or not. Also, that feels kind of scary. Or is that just me? I get nervous that I'll go live and no one shows up for the party. 
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