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THINKING ABOUT: I never understood people who genuinely enjoyed hanging out in their bed, but after getting a Leesa mattress (not sponsored, I promise!) I think I know why. Because of the size of our bedroom, we upgraded to a king size bed a few months ago, and while I don't love how humongous it is (Flyboy, where are you?!), we're both obsessed with the comfort. Sometimes (alright, most nights), we'll head up to our room early so Max can sprawl out on the floor with his train set or Legos and we can just veg out.

FEELING: This past week has been plagued with more migraines. They've been manageable, but I'm just SO over feeling like crap. Luckily, I've got an appointment with a neurologist in mid-July (Boooo to waiting!), and I'm hoping we can find something to help because the medications I've tried over the years just don't seem to be as effective.

THANKFUL FOR: Tomorrow Flyboy and I will celebrate a whole decade of marriage. Cut. It. Out. No, but seriously, HOW have we been married for a whopping ten years?! It makes us feel really blessed, but also REEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLY old. I promise to spare you the mushy-gushy talk (We still need to discuss the Royal wedding, duh!), but I'm so excited we get to go out for a date on Saturday and celebrate sans Maxwell. SCORE! It will be a snazzy departure from our norm, which usually entails watching 'Jersey Shore: Family Reunion' together or mowing—although FB is proof that if you find the right one, stuff like that can be really fun too! 

LISTENING TO: As soon as we bought this house, I knew I needed to plant a bevy of Peony bushes, so I stalked the local nurseries like a hawk and came home with four plants of my own. Squeeeee! Tending to them and talking to them has been the gift that keeps on giving. They're my bloomin' besties and I'm not kidding when I say that checking on them is THE highlight of my day. Max has grown accustomed to this morning chore. He typically hops on his riding digger and follows me to the back garden. While he plows around the yard, I get some quality time with m' buds. This little routine has been going on for a few weeks now, so imagine my excitement when I discovered the flowers were starting to open last week. Huzzah! Our resident threenager drove by on his wheels and commented earnestly, "Those are some big 'panties' on that bush of yours!" He hit the gas pedal almost immediately and drove off while I was left laughing hysterically in the dust. Internet, the amount of tears shed as I cackled was unreal. When I finally regained my composure, Max drove by the garden box again and asked "Why ya laughing, cutie pie?" Hahahahaha! When I bought the plants, I thought fresh Peonies each May would be the real prize. I never imagined the purchase would result in a lifetime of bush jokes and Max referencing my bloomers on the regular. Something tells me he's not going to find this story very funny twenty years from now.

WATCHING: You guys! Can we discuss THE royal wedding and that Markle sparkle?! I was up early with the rest of the world on Saturday to watch the historic festivities. I just wasn't prepared to LOVE it as much as I did, and now that it's passed I'm feeling hungover from such a happy distraction. What did you think? For me, the feeling of true love filled the church and oozed out from my TV. It was intoxicating! Although Harry was an unexpected nervous ninny, it made him even more adorable in my book. And how in the world did Meghan maintain such a sophisticated chill vibe throughout the ceremony? I only wish her dress was just a bit more fitted in the bodice and sleeves—as it looked kind of loose—but that was my tiniest qualm about the wedding. That being said, the duchess killed it later on at the reception. Yowzah! Pair the Jag with Harry in that tux and it was like the Bond moment of my dreams. Sigh. Suddenly the royals have this refreshing and modern air about them, and I can't help but think that Diana is smiling from above.

EATING: Max and I went to Fifer Orchards yesterday to pick strawberries and now I'm scouring the web in search of recipes. With a little crust help from Flyboy, I definitely plan on baking a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for Memorial Day weekend; however, that recipe won't make a dent in the buckets of berries we brought home. Do you have any recipes you love or ways in which we can use them?!

READING: This isn't the place where you come to get political, but here's a gut-wrenching article with stats that are hard to stomach.

LOVING: J.Crew just unveiled a boat load of super cute summer necessities and they're offering a 40% discount through May 28th. Shut. Up. This feels like a formal invite addressed from 770 to see what's new and stat. I plan on making a visit with my mom this weekend to see what the hubbub is about. I've got my eye on this skirt, these jeans, and this striped set of sandals.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 
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