Tuesday, May 22, 2018



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! OMGoodness, so much has transpired. Where do I even begin?!?
  • When I left you ten days ago, we'd arrived in Omaha to see my sister graduate from Creighton. Words can't describe the pride I felt watching her walk the stage, get hooded, and officially become a doctor of occupational therapy. Squee! She's worked her tail off these past three years and it was so gratifying to see her achieve this big life goal and do so with such grace and gusto. Better yet, friends and family showed up to celebrate her success, which meant eating and drinking more than is probably recommended in a 72-hour period, but this crew is a bunch of whoop-it-up winners.
  • Speaking of licking m' fingers and libations, you'll find THE best crab rangoon ever at Three Happiness Express. If you're ever in the area, you should really make it a point to stop. I was elated to have Flyboy indulge in the Chinese food here because he's heard me drone on about it for the past 2.5 years and I'm left feeling very vindicated. Boom! Also, I learned I'm making a tequila comeback thanks to George Clooney's Casamigos and Logboat Brewing Company's co-founder and marketing guru, Mr. Judson Ball. These debonair dudes delivered the most delicious drinks over Aub's graduation weekend, and I think we can all agree that mixing Fireball and Tonic is NEVER a good thing. Sorry, Grandpa Larry! Yikes!  
  • A trip to Silicon Prairie isn't complete unless you visit what my mom and godson deem "The WORLD'S Best Zoo!" And here's the thing, they're right! The Henry Doorly Zoo is amaze balls!! A group of us went on Mother's Day and we had a blast feeding stingrays and visiting the various exhibits. Despite Max being painfully shy with the family, he was on cloud nine the entire day, and one week later won't stop talking about how kind Uncle Mike was to get him a fish to feed the stingrays. Sorry Aub, I guess wearing a bow-tie and watching you graduate are second fiddle to sea life! Ha Ha!
  • Over a four-day period, we managed to see A LOT of people (the first time FB had seen some of my family in almost a DECADE!!) and make a pit-stop at some really cute shops. Honorable mentions include Hutch and The Paper Kite. If I opened up a store of my own, I'm certain it would be a cross between these two gems. They're delightful!
  • We got home a week ago (I'll spare you details about the travel nightmare we endured on our return flight home), but I think we've finally caught up on sleep. Hallelujah! Coming off of the celebratory high has been a little rough for Team Fine, but being reunited with Beesly and blooming Peony bushes certainly seem to help.
  • Finally, I've got to give a shout-out to my parents for making my sister's graduation extravaganza so stinking sweet! They seriously thought of everything when they volunteered to host a couple dozen people. As if Aubrey and I needed any reminders, my mom and dad love big and I know she would agree that we're incredibly blessed to be surrounded by a support system that shows up like they do. As exultant as I was to see my sister become a doctor, I was equally proud of my parents for being constant pillars of guidance and encouragement to us over the years. It's a love without end, amen.      

Enough of my babbling. How the heck are YOU? I'm dying to know.

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