Thursday, May 10, 2018


THINKING ABOUT: Hmmmm, where should we begin in terms of Bravo TV? I know! Let's discuss Erika Jayne. *Crickets* What in the world has happened to her? She used to be so genuine and fun. I lived for footage of her of her and Mikey working on choreography and outfit planning. Now she's hateful, self-righteous, and downright rude. I get that Teddi was a bit of a snooze, but the way she belittled her this season was almost as appalling as the way she treated Andy at the reunion when he asked her specifics about her book. Can you say overinflated ego? I had to unfollow her on Insta because I was just really disappointed.

FEELING: One of the best parts about moving to Delaware is being on a texting basis with our garbage man. Ha Ha! The planner in me wishes I knew exactly what day he's coming each week, but the Emoji-filled banter makes his laid back approach totally worth it. Whenever Flyboy and I receive a message from the sanitation engineer, we're reminded our relationship is more than just rubbish.

THANKFUL FOR: This past Sunday, my mom and Flyboy worked up the courage to hang our floating shelves in the kitchen. This might not sound like a crazy feat to some, but the idea of drilling into the subway tile installed by my favorite contractor (NOT!) made me sick to my stomach. Ultimately, we needed to know what we were doing otherwise we'd have to rely on Mr. Stress-less and I'd be fine if our paths never crossed again. After reading up on the install and a visit to Lowe's for the appropriate drill bit, the two of them went for it while I stood there in an anxious state of anticipation. The result left me grinning from ear to ear, feeling especially grateful to be surrounded by people who aren't rammy and pay close attention detail—unlike yours truly.

LISTENING TO: We walked into the Dover Tar-jay a few weeks ago to pick up a few items from our list (and an assortment of items NOT on the list) when Max proudly proclaimed that "Target is SUCH a special place!" Cue the mom tears. I guess my job here is done.

WATCHING: Speaking of our resident three-nager, Maxwell is absolutely entranced these days by an unlikely TV series called Dino Hunt—available on Netflix and narrated by none other than Dan Akroyd. The dino-docuseries follows a bunch of Canadian paleontologists around as they hunt for fossils and search for new species. I guess there are worse forms of kiddie crack out there.

EATING: A few weekends ago, we were up in Wilmington for the day (still no Biden sighting—sigh!) and stopped by Trader Joe's for groceries. You guys, it's SOOOOO nice to get to do this regularly and it doesn't require a 2.5 hour drive. Squeeeeeee! Anywho, our tasty TJ's loot included a few bags of cauliflower gnocchi (find it in the frozen section) and it was amaze balls! Lately we've been working so much around the house and yard, I haven't devised much of a routine yet, so it's REALLY nice to bank a few easy meals to throw together at the last minute. Dress these puppies up with a jar of marinara or tub of pesto; this is a no-brainer.

READING: I have a secret Pinterest board where I bookmark all the things you begin to geek out about when you buy your first house. For the longest time it was primarily filled with swoon-worthy wallpaper options I can't afford and mod-lighting featuring the dreamiest brass accents, but now I'm pinning how-to's that promise Peony blooms bigger than your face. I'm suddenly interested in "berms" and "reclaiming the soil" while pondering the difference between a Lime Light and Little Lime variety of Hydrangea. Clearly I'm becoming my mother, but you already knew that, didn't you?!

LOVING: Back in January I tagged along with my mom and we both got our hair done downtown D.C. at the Ian McCabe Salon. I went with her in the Spring of 2017 to get my hair colored by Jordan, but this time I was ready for a new style so I took the plunge and Isabel gave shape to my once-frumpy mane and this change included BANGS!! I was warned by some that I'd probably hate the maintenance and styling that comes with a fringed frame, but once I got my hands on this Hair Straightener Brush ($35 on Amazon!!!) getting ready each morning has been idiot proof. I'd heard about similar styling tools in the past and was skeptical, but the rave reviews were enough for me to hit purchase and I'm beyond impressed with the results in addition to how easy it is to use.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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