Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Happy Wednesday, sweet readers! I thought I'd pop in and share a few sunny photos with you while Max and I chill at my parents' house this week. Flyboy is away on a work trip, so it seemed like the perfect excuse to head to the Beltway and clock in some quality time with MiMi and PaPa. Wouldn't you agree?! While we're museum-bound on a metro or seated at Strawberry Field for story time, here are a few notes about what we've been up to lately...

  • It's hard being a three year old. For instance, when Max wants something and we refuse to give in, he's taken up the hobby of crying so hard he forces himself to vomit. It happened again last week when we told him he couldn't watch any more of his favorite dinosaur show, and the whole throwing up debacle resulted in nine hours of soaking his bedding in Oxiclean to clean up the mess. Things get extra tricky when your kid's diet consists of 75% berries. 
  • The resident threenager decided it was time we throw his beloved T-Rex, Sue, a birthday party last Thursday. After a dozen or so dreary days in a row, I was down with the idea of an impromptu celebration. And in Sue's defense, she's been there for EVERY milestone; it was only fitting we acknowledge her birth as well! So we got some miniature cupcakes from the Target bakery section, made a banner with paper and markers, wrapped a few of Max's Legos to give as a gift, threw streamers up in the kitchen, and paid respects to this prehistoric peach.
  • I sent my bag to Clare V. for a small repair and since it was at the shop in Los Angeles for a few weeks, I figured it would be a grand opportunity to have my monogram hand-painted as well. As adorable as she looks, I can't help but chuckle whenever I see it. Go on and eat your heart out, millennials! I'm OG AF.
  • If there was a theme to the photos in today's post, it would have to be sunlight. There's more of it on the way, right? Summer, are you there?! Please tell me that Sue wished for more of it when she blew out those candles.

Alright, enough from me. How are YOU? I'm dying to know.

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