Tuesday, June 26, 2018


When they packed up Max's room at our rental in Swell Rio, I seriously wanted to ugly cry. Actually, I DID ugly cry. It was my favorite spot in the house, which I still find hilarious because I spent the first nine months living there in a state of absolute terror because it symbolized the unknown. But as with any new chapter, I grew to adore the space and the memories we shared together over a span of three years. It was our corner of happy in the hamster wheel that sometimes feels like motherhood, and I was really proud of the nursery I created for our wily one. On those days when I felt like I was failing miserably on the "ma" meter, I knew I was killing it on the aesthetic end of things. Ha! Oh, and let's not kid ourselves, my reason for crying as the movers boxed everything up wasn't solely based on sentimental value. No, I wasn't prepared for Max to move into a "big boy" bed. That's right, we were one of the few parents we knew who had a three year old still snoozing in a crib. Gulp! In our defense, he never tried getting out on his own. Max pushed (and continues to...) limits in countless ways, but he always loved his crib and the idea of independently escaping never crossed his mind. Ka-CHING! But, out of necessity, we eventually had to make the transition after Christmas while we were living with my parents. Oddly enough, it went shockingly well — thanks to the magic that is the OK to Wake Clock!

Because it was our threenager's first experience moving, I spent a lot of time talking about the perks of our new place, especially HIS room. I didn't want to overwhelm him with too much change and I selfishly wanted to recreate aspects of his old nursery at our home in Delaware (#letthembelittle), so I integrated most of the same artwork, knick-knacks, and organization as we had in Texas. Since this is what he's always known, it felt like a very natural transition. With a refresh of bedding, a new LARGE bed, light sources, and more room for organization, I was able to give the space a few todleriffic tweaks that I think elevated the space in a way that can grow with him the longer we live here. It's colorful, quirky, and matches the overall vibe I like to maintain throughout the house.

In addition to a few other small future projects and the inevitable tchotchke, here are sources for what I used...
Vintage Pant Hanger via Etsy — Great for hanging artwork!

Note: Some of the items listed aren't in the graphic, but I've included them for reference as they may appear on the blog or 'Gram.

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