Thursday, July 18, 2019



FEELING: I woke up Monday and felt a dire need to clean Dodi's fish bowl after watching Max feed the resident Betta that morning. I honestly couldn't remember the last time we switched out the water and there was slimy scum visible on the fish's submarine. Ew. I suppose cleaning the fish bowl was one of those easy to-do's that would make me feel like I was in charge of the week ahead. WRONG! Five hours AFTER scrubbing the fish bowl and submarine, I was vacuuming Max's room (he was at a hair appointment with Flyboy) and Dodi was floating at the top of his bowl. Gulp! WORST MOM EVER. I immediately sent FB a text, explained what had happened, asked if he could share the bad news with Max, and then suggested the two of them go directly to Petco to purchase a replacement. Lucky for me, Max got over the loss pretty quickly. Phew! Bob is the newest addition to our family, and I promise I won't resort to any harsh chemicals the next time I feel the need to deep clean the fish bowl and its accessories.

THANKFUL FOR: Earlier this year, Grace Bonney announced that Design Sponge would be closing its doors in August after 15 years of blogging. I was initially shocked and saddened by the news, as it's been a source of inspiration to me for over a decade now, but I was also very impressed that Bonney was bold enough to take this next step. The news is bittersweet to say the least, but I feel especially grateful for the chance to attend her farewell party at Terrain on August 2nd. Grace is one of the primary reasons I began blogging eight years ago. In a lot of ways, she helped me define my own personal style and I hope to thank her for influencing me at a time when the blogosphere still felt really genuine and had little to do with dollar signs. It's certainly the end of an era; her presence will be greatly missed.

THINKING ABOUT: I don't think we've had a chance to discuss this via the blog and I feel it's absolutely necessary for us to move forward together as Bravo besties. You guys, Vicki Gunvalson has been demoted to friend status on RHOC. WTF? I know this was announced a few weeks ago, but I'm still not over it. My mind is BLOWN! Sure, she's nutty as hell, but she's the OG. What was Andy Cohen thinking when he made this decision? There's got to be more to the story and I feel like viewers deserve some transparency. Seriously though, how did we get stuck with Emily and Gina??

LISTENING TO: On Tuesday around lunch time, I was peacefully folding laundry upstairs when Max yelled, "Mommy!! A groundhog is destroying your plants. Come quickly!!" I peeked out our bedroom window and the kid was right—a woodchuck was indeed stripping my Sweet Potato Vine and he moved on to the Zinnias. Noooooooo! Beyond livid, I flew down the stairs, instructed Max to eat his lunch, and ran out to the berm to chase the furry nuisance away. I hadn't put much thought into how effective my scare tactics would be or if he'd fight back for that matter, but I certainly owe the neighborhood bunnies an apology because I've been blaming them for everything the past few months. Oops! Now we're left Googling ways to trap a Groundhog (What we'll do with it, I'm not sure?!) or deter them from destroying the rest of our plants and I'm reminded I'm not cut out for country living or animals. Clearly. Maybe the spray I used to clean the fish bowl will do the trick? Calm down, I'm kidding. Kind of. 

WATCHING: I've never met a Meryl Streep character that I didn't adore—that is, until she played the role of Mary Louise Wright in the second season of Big Little Lies. Whoa! I swear that woman is PURE EVIL. Any thoughts?!

EATING: A week ago, I lamented on Instagram about my recent hair loss and the number of supplements I'm currently taking to encourage regrowth (Nutrafol and collagen, where you at?). Most of the people I've talked to and articles I've read suggest an increase in protein. Now I feel like a maniac searching for all the ways in which I can improve upon my daily intake and I'm trying my best to keep track of how much I'm eating. Isn't getting older the worst?!

LOVING: We spent some time seaside in Lewes last Sunday and I'm fairly certain we were the only ones without an umbrella. Um, awkward. Getting accustomed to beach life on the East Coast is certainly different than what we were used to in Hawaii, but any time spent by the ocean is good for the soul and I think we could use more of it. Since the weekend traffic wasn't as bad as we thought it would be, I'm already looking forward to our next visit and you can bet it will include THIS striped number—because it's bound to offer some seriously snazzy shade.

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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