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FEELING: Whenever we've lived somewhere for a bit, I like to have my inner-trovert's circle. I'm talking about a low-key personal connection with the UPS man (What's going on Jaime in Swell Rio?!), a grocery store clerk, etc. Well, it appears I'm adding to my Delaware clique these days because Flyboy noticed that Gary at the seed store down the road has taken to yours truly. Eek! I originally thought I was a nuisance with all my questions, but last Saturday he sought me out and even smiled when I began quizzing him about my wilting Blanket Flower. Talk about a real win!

THANKFUL FOR: It's the first weekend in a while where Flyboy hasn't been gone on a trip or had to stay in the local area, so we're going to visit the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia this weekend. Woo hoo! I've heard the children's museum is phenomenal and based on the website's info I have a feeling Max is going to love it. Admission is free for military from Memorial Day through Labor Day, so it would be silly not to pay a visit this Summer.

THINKING ABOUT: A few nights ago, I stumbled upon an article on Hunker that highlights six Netflix shows to watch for the design-obsessed. Naturally, my interest was piqued, but I never imagined it might include something Max would enjoy as well. You see, number three on the list is called LEGO House—a 47-minute documentary that details the construction process and challenges architects faced when creating a 130,000-square-foot structure inspired by LEGO. We've watched the show twice at this point and it inspired Max to recreate a miniature version of the Danish structure. Seeing him get out a notebook and draw up the plans for his building might be the cutest thing I've witnessed all week. Upon completion, he gave me a tour—I still don't know who was prouder, me or him.

READING: Here are a few children's book titles we picked up from the library last week and we've enjoyed reading:

LISTENING TO: Jaw ready for this? On Sunday night while Max was saying his prayers, he thanked God for Shark Week. Ha! I guess the Discovery Channel's #EatPrayChum marketing shtick really resonated with a certain four-year-old. So for the next week, we'll be listening to facts about Slash and Scarface—it sure beats episodes of Paw Patrol, I guess.

WATCHING: Do you watch Divorce on HBO? With one week left of the third season, I've got to admit that I'm struggling a bit with the show and I REALLY don't want to give up on my girl Sarah Jessica Parker. To begin with, the seasons are short, and then the episodes are only thirty minutes long. The characters are very endearing, but how is the storyline ever going to progress at this point? As you can tell, I'm very emotional about the subject matter. I feel like we're spinning our wheels here (not much has changed since season two), and I need MORE. Please make the seasons longer or the episodes, because this viewer is ready to split. Can Frances and Robert just get back together already??

EATING: Aside from our kid becoming more comfortable in the water and whatnot, one of the BIG perks to Max and Flyboy going to swim lessons on Thursday evenings is getting the house to myself for an hour or so. Also, I don't have to cook. Um, what kind of dream is this?! To my knowledge, Dover is lacking in terms of local fare, so we've used this as an opportunity to try a few chains that are new to us, which include Mod Pizza and Qdoba. I've got to admit, I've been pleasantly surprised with both places. Maybe it's the fact that I don't have to cook, but I'll take it anyway!

LOVING: About two months ago, I picked up a jar of Camp Craft Cocktails when we visited Terrain (that packaging, ya'll!). Never one to break a promise, I told many of you on Instagram that I'd report back and I'm happy to say the Aromatic Citrus Kit is amazing! We tried it while my father-in-law visited last week and we were all super impressed with the gin-sanely delectable results. I have every intention of banking this as a future gift idea for family and friends.

How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 

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