Thursday, June 23, 2011

I've Got Stripes

They are a bold, yet classic design.
If you browse my closet or take a gander at my house, you'll find them in every color and size. 
I guess you could say I've had a lifelong affinity for stripes. 

1.)  Mary Ruffle's Staircase,  2.)  Striped Tote,  3.)  Shabby Apple Dress,  4.) Stripe & Chevron Salad Plates,  5.) Kate Spade Jeanette Dress,  6.)Sweet + Lovely Things,  7.) Stripe Fabric,  8.) Domino Magazine,  9.) Decorative Tape,
10.) Crewcuts,  11.) Soludos,  12.) Grosgrain Ribbon  

I don't think you can EVER have enough of them!

Matchbook Mag
Three Flags, Jasper Johns (1958)
Wayne Pate
Matchbook Mag
hillarybird on etsy
Striped Stairs 
Bella Foster

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