Sunday, June 19, 2011

Serendipitous Saturday

I discovered late last night the flyboy may be coming home this weekend. If all goes according to plan, we could be looking at Sunday sometime. Here's to hoping nothing breaks down and the crew remains on schedule. While most bloggers use the weekend as a bit of a hiatus, I'm trying to find a way to kill some time. I'm overly excited and a little bored. I restocked the fridge and pantry this morning. I cleaned the bedding and tidied up outside. I even got out the blower! I'm not sure what it is about him coming and going, but the return is always the best part. After days of feeling ho-hum, I feel giddy again. I've got bubbles in my stomach! This may sound all too mushy and slightly bipolar, but those of you who've experienced the same know exactly what I'm talking about. This way of life is bittersweet.

In an effort to kill time, I turn to my trusty stack of magazines. I realize my issue of BA is behind in the glossy world -- it's a June issue. Gawd forbid! Fellow J-School followers, you can be appalled.

Enter Gwynnie and Wills. You see I've been a fan of both since grade school. That may seem a bit dramatic, I understand. If there's any cloud of doubt, just ask my mother and sister. I spent my weekends watching and memorizing Emma while poring over my issue of Teen People's Special Collector's Edition: Prince William -- Prince of our Hearts. Years later, the obsession is clearly still there.

My fancy for Mr. Knightley could be an adorable accessory.

Read more about the Glee-ful Goop founder here. The lively layout and font are enough to make me want to try her Grilled Chicken with Peach BBQ Sauce.

When I'm not reading my mags, I'm scouring etsy again. You can fill your shopping cart or add items to your favorites without getting into too much trouble. Don't get me wrong, all too often, I find that I'm pressing that PayPal submit button. It's a little too easy! My latest etsy purchase arrived today. It's my attempt at adding personality to our house that incorporates Nickel. At times I see too much Ashley in our house. Like that's a bad thing? But really, how many polka dots and posters of wellies rain boots can a guy put up with? A ginormous thanks to Roll & Tumble Press for creating this print which gives us this extra flair.
Get it?

Well, that about sums up the day. 
I'll spend these last few hours of the evening with my good friends Sarah and Tommy on HGTV. 
We've got a summer cottage that we need to zhuzh.

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  1. hi there, thanks so much for including me on your daily blog roll!

    regarding your post...i am obsessed with sarah's house on hgtv! i'm a little behind on her summer house series, but look forward to catching up on them over the holiday.

    thanks again and i look forward to reading more of your awesome blog!

  2. I have the same print favorited in the same color! It is def more you than me tho :) Exceptional choice! I love the Emma bits - you know I'm an all-things Austen junkie!

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words! I visit your blog regularly. Your comment made my week:)