Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tardy for the (Bag Lady) Party

Better late than never...

Anna Beth Blevins: The Trusty Dooney Satchel
"Andy Cohen would definitely not give me a a mazel for my lateness (sorry, big Bravo junkie!)."
I love the smooth leather and strap/handles combo. So versatile. 

The contents: 
(minus receipts and old lists) 
Phone, keys with bumble bee key chain (my family calls me AB or Anna B, so I get tons of bee items), check book and wallet (both by the incomparable Miss Spade), Vera Bradley card case, flash light for finding items in my purse, moisturizer/hand sanitizer combo, glass bee that I keep for good luck, tons of lipstick and gloss options, Essie polish in Super Bossa Nova, leopard print nail file, funky sunglasses, barrette and clip for bad hair days, vintage hankie, pen 
and minty gum. 

Thanks, Anna Beth! You rock!
I'm so excited that you wanted to join in on the fun.
Oh, and I adore anyone who references AC, uses mazel frequently and refers 
to herself as a "Bravo Junkie." You're in good company.
Based on your adoration for Kate Spade, our common etsy (& Essie) favorites, and a mutual admiration for Matchbook, I've come to the conclusion you may be a long lost sister.
Is it just me, or does that vintage hankie look like a Cath Kidston print?
Now I'm starting to get verklempt!
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  1. This post made my day! Yes, indeed, I think our styles are too similar to not be brought about by family or at least fate. Who would have thought a theatre class would bring such a thing about? Hope your weekend is fantastic!