Friday, December 2, 2011

The December Issue

'Tis the Season.
Happy December, friends! You know my month begins when the newest Matchbook issue goes live. Did you have a chance to read it yet? I'm not going to lie, I was a bit pouty that I didn't get to read it first thing yesterday. This is a scenario in which Flyboy would remind me, "Try having some real problems." It's a true statement, but worthy of eye rolling. Not to worry, I eventually snapped out of my slump. I guess every now and then, there really is a downside to a to-do list. I'm not bitter though; I still love my lists. As a reward for being so stinkin' productive, I devoted a full hour Thursday evening to poring over all 124 pages. It was magical! After riding a high from last month's issue with Kate and Andy Spade, I was eager to see what Jane and Katie would include this month. As always, their newest issue made me grin from ear to ear. I always find myself finishing each issue with some declarative thought like, "This TRULY is my kind of magazine." Take a peek at some of my December Matchbook highlights...

Mistletoe adorned with a bow is a must!
Comfy and cozy.
Delightful tidbits, but I want to see them feature Charles & Ray Eames next.

That gold dress has my name ALL over it. Not to mention, fair isle is the queen of all holiday sweaters.
I'm smitten with stocking stuffers. They're just so fun!
I can't wait to wrap gifts with my mom and my sister!
This might not be healthy. I may find myself in a sea of pom poms this week after seeing this tutorial again.
My love for pom poms and garland is getting out of hand.
Nailed it. Love the tippet!

Happy Friday!
Next week is the beginning of gift guide mania. Get excited.


*All images via Matchbook Magazine.
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  1. You know what I always try to tell myself when I'm complaining about something silly, like my Etsy order not being here or running out of the color I want? Princess problems! Love your roundup, and I can't wait to see your gift guide!

  2. I loved that pom pom tutorial! I dont think theres ever a part of that magazine I dont like. One of my favorite parts was the fair isle sweater history and the feature on the silk scarves from etsy. I looked at her shop and they are absolutely stunning! Love hearing what you love about the latest issue every month!

  3. I think I have Princess Problems as well:) I like the ring to that much better!!

    Mary Kate, I love the scarves as well. They're just darling.