Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nice Package

The only thing that tops making or buying the perfect gift is the act of wrapping. Before you get out your bows, Washi tape, leftover ornaments, kraft tags, and pretty paper, take a look at a few bright and cheerful images that I hope inspire you this holiday season. I guarantee you'll be all aflutter with ideas and ready to set up Wrapping Station 2011. Oh, and don't forget, 6-inch ribbon curls, honey...

Cute & Colorful
Packages so pretty, I don't think I'd ever want to open them!
I'm serious about stripes and stacking.
Simple and heartfelt.
Does it get any cuter than jewel tones, ric rac, and polka dots?
Mad about plaid.
A simple and sparkly bow.
I know that you're itching to get out your paper, scissors, and start your folding, but don't forget to dress your gifts up in charming style by adding darling details. I'm talking about the fun part. Bows. Pom Poms. Ribbons. Tassels. Here are some of my fave gift goodies.
Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas: A Pair of Pears
Martha's Monogram Tags
Read, Wrap, & Recycle Bows
Brunch at Saks: DIY Pom Pom Flower
Creature Comforts: Gift Topper & Tag
Odessa May Society: Simple & Metallic
Brunch at Saks: Glitter Bow DIY
The secret to tying the perfect bow.
If you're one of those people who believe bows are so last season (Oh Boo Hiss!), perhaps an adorable tassel would do?
Check out this tutorial.
Matchbook's Pom Pom Tutorial
Can't get enough?
Check out 45 of Martha's greatest gift-wrapping ideas here.
Need some more insight on bows and how to tie them? Consult the Queen of Crafts here.

Final Thoughts: In case you were wondering, there really is a Gift Wrap Rap. Watch it now
I promise you won't regret it. Hands down, the best two minutes of my day. I can't stop singing.

Paper slapping
Scissors clapping
Ribbons snapping
Yeah, we're wrapping

Well, friends, that's a wrap. Ba-dum ching!
Tell me you knew that corny punchline was coming. 

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. I love the presents wrapped in tartan plaid with lime green ribbons, so pretty! Lately I'm really loving the kraft paper wrapped presents theyre so simple but still really pretty. This year I'll have to step up my gift wrapping skills. Lastly those pom poms are alot harder then you think lol, I tried making them 3 different ways and failed each time :(

  2. Such a great post! The Pair of Pears one is my favorite, favorite. Irony of ironies: as much as I love paper AND gifts, I can't wrap to save my life. Sad day.