Thursday, December 1, 2011

This Week's Lurve List

Hello, lovelies! My to-do list is out-of-control cray cray. In an effort to regroup, I've opted to devote today to getting things done. By now, you know how Type A(shley) operates, and after two weeks of visitors, I've got some housekeeping that needs to be done before I can even attempt to do fun things like play with fonts and colors in blogtopia. Womp Womp. What a creativity killer! Is it possible to feel a little overwhelmed, yet in control and up for the challenge at the same time? That's just such an oxymoron, but it's how I feel at the moment. It may seem a little silly, but I get a bit of a rush when it's time to attack a hefty to-do list. So, while I do fun things like visit the local DMV to renew the V-Dubb's registration, mow, pull weeds, etc., I thought I'd leave you with some of my recent favorite finds. Stay tuned for our regular programming. I'll see you tomorrow with something snazzy and amusing.

As this holiday season grows brighter, here's what makes me feel all twitterpated, 
smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.
Oh, MatchbookA comfy & classic outfit, a fireside-worthy read, and fun holiday cards.
Those plaid shoe clips are killing me. Stop it already. Puh-leez!
Relaxing with family at the beach, new magazines included.
Crazy for Florals: Artwork by Lulie Wallace. What lovely pops of color and texture!
Boxwood wreaths are my fave.

What the what? Sparkle and glitter, meet Essie Luxeffect Top Coat. Must find this little bottle and soon!
Flipping through House Beautiful and stumbling upon a Bella Foster illustration. Le sigh.
Seriously, too cute for words.
I just want to know what's inside the coveted prize ball.
Feeling crafty? Have yourself a merry little Christmas with this DIY glitter banner tutorial!
Lulie Wallace and Bella Foster have got me dreaming of a day at an art museum,
staring at something wonderful like Henri Matisse's Les Trois Soeurs.
Time for me to snap out of this glee, and get back to the list.
Tell me, what's put an extra skip in your step this week?

Happy Thursday!

P.S. I finally met my mailman a few days ago. His name is Paul. Yes, it's been eight months, but I guess that's what you get when you live on a hill and you're somewhat isolated. The cherry on top? It's just in time to leave him a Christmas card. I'll get to address him personally, rather than writing something silly like Dear Mr. USPS Carrier Man. That could have been awkward.
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  1. always a pleasure to read your lurve lists! that outfit from matchbook is lovely, can't hear what you think about the latest issue!

  2. Thanks Mary Kate! I can't believe I haven't looked at it yet. I guess that's a sign the day has been too busy. I'm getting ready to look at it now:)