Wednesday, December 14, 2011

With Flying Colors

My Travel Essentials

Hi Friends! I'm CONUS bound, and I'm so ecstatic. My flight leaves tonight, and after several phases of editing, I believe I'm completely packed and ready to jet set east. This is the first time in three years that I've got to celebrate Christmas with my mom, dad, and sister. It's going to a-mazing!! I hope to blog while I'm with my family over the holidays. Bear with me, as it might not be every day. Posts will most likely be short and simple. I can't wait to share our family's Christmas and New Year with you. And by the time I return, Flyboy will have completed his deployment and our little family will be reunited. There's so much to be happy about!!

Be back soon. Out to live!

P.S. Do you have any travel tips you'd like to share? Can you think of anything I might have forgot to pack? What about some good reads? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get seated next to Alec Baldwin or some screaming child. Wish me luck. Words with Friends anyone?
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  1. Oh boy, what fun! I am giddy for you to spend the holiday with your family after so long. We are headed down to Texas on Friday to see our families, and I and hardly contain my excitement and it's only been 6 months since we were there.

    I always travel with a reusable, empty water bottle so stay hydrated while traveling :) And gum! Gotta have gum!
    Godspeed, missy. TDG

  2. I hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas with your family!!! I'm sure there will be lots of cocktails and laughs.

    I swear by hand sanitizer when traveling. There are too many illnesses going around this time of year. And as Faye said, pack lots of gum!

  3. Sounds like you're going to have plenty of fun! Have a great time spending time with your family over the holidays! Can't wait to hear all about it later. :)

  4. If you do end up next to a screaming child, have sympathy on his/her poor mother and do whatever you can to help her. You will have a friend for life, I promise! If you are next to Alec Baldwin, he's totally on his own and you have every right to smack him down :P

  5. Have a wonderful time at home with your family!!

    When I fly I always take emergen-c and take it on the plane, so my immune system is bolstered against germs in recirculated air. I also take a toothbrush in case I get stuck anywhere over night.

    Safe and easy travels!

  6. I always pack lightly--one to two pairs of jeans (max) and lots of mix and match...although, I's jeans. :) Not much matching involved. I always triple-check to make sure I have lip balm of some type because plane air is so dry. Tah dah.

    I hope you have a blast visiting family and anticipating seeing FB upon your (and) his arrival!