Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life lately, according to my iPhone pictures.

Little snippets from the past few days...
I love that an app like Instagram gives me a reason to stop and photograph little tidbits of joy throughout the day.
This has got to be the most precious VW that ever lived.
Notice the top adorned with garland and a bow. So festive and fun!
With Flyboy deployed, I said I wasn't going to decorate. I lied.
I couldn't help but put up a few small decorations to get in the holiday spirit.
Miniature silver tinsel tree. Cute, colorful, and quirky!
(And no, we're not Nebraska fans.)
This little lady ended up at the vet with a hot spot.
I know this is quite common and minor, but she's always so happy and healthy. It killed me to see her in pain.
A fine stationery friend smothered me with another snail mail hug. It was most appreciated! Thanks, Kim.
Toe cleavage is my favorite.
When all else fails, put a bow on it. I do love an Anthro acquisition. 
Have a happy weekend, lovelies!
Any plans?

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  1. All your christmas decorations look lovely! Also those flats with the bows are amazing and super pretty!

  2. Thanks, Mary Kate! You're such a devoted follower:) You always comment and I appreciate it. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  3. You are welcome! I'm glad it arrived so promptly. Fun pics, lovely!

  4. Oh what a lovely Christmas decoration you got there! And those shoes with bow are just adorable!

    Happy weekend to you!


  5. Heh... I was showing Mike pictures of your place once, and he noticed the big red N. I had to tell him that no, you weren't his fellow Nebraska fans. He should know better! ;)

  6. Your decorations are adorable!! LOVE the monogram on the mantle!