Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Color Palette: Orange Crush

Boulder by Matthew Korbel-Bowers / Citrus Wrapped Rope Necklace
Calypso Pillow / Destined for Greatness / Penguin Postcards / Patent Eddie Flat / Polka Dot Scarf
Sorbet Dress / iPad Folio / Statement-Stripe Necklace / Magic Wallet / Flower Patch Earrings
Mini Pom Pom / Orange You Glad Necklace / Stripe Canvas Bag / Brush Strokes / Sherbet
Mark Rothko Post-it / Orange Blossom Soap
Enjoy your Wednesday!
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  1. I had this conversation with a student yesterday:
    "Ms. Furnell do you like orange soda?"
    I wanted to reply.. "KELLLLL loves orange soda."
    I said, "Yes of course."
    He said, "I just bought an orange shirt."

    Our nonsense convo fits with your post!!

  2. You totally hit my button on this....I love orange. I live orange. I luuuuurve orange! (See, you've even got me talking like you now!) haha, great post! Those post-it notes are pretty much awesome

  3. JoFu - I love stories about your class and students! This totally brightened my day:)

    Charity - I lurve that you luff this;) I can't get enough of Marc Johns; he's just so talented. I love his wit!!