Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

I'm going to let you in on a valuable lesson my mother has taught me over the years. You may even want to take a few notes, because this here is gold! My mom is the queen of working gifts from my dad, and it's no huge secret. She gets what she wants, there's no disappointments, and all parties are happy. The key is to start laying the groundwork early and express all of the reasons as to why you're deserving. It shouldn't be a hard sell -- because you're fabulous, of course -- but it doesn't hurt to throw out a few subtle reminders. As it gets closer to the special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.), consider leaving a nonchalant Post-it Note in your significant other's wallet or brief case. I've actually witnessed this happen, and it worked like a charm.
A Note to My Parents:
Mom - I hope you're beaming with pride. This is a trade to be shared.
Dad - You've got your chin resting on your hand as you read this, and while you're probably rolling your eyes and shaking your head, you know it's the truth. Happy wife, happy life.
And since Flyboy and I have been married for three years, I've taken cues from my dearest sensei. With our 4th anniversary just two months away, it's time I start preparing. This isn't quite as artful as leaving a handwritten note in his flight suit, but I think it will get the point across. So, what sort of gift am I scheming and dreaming about this time around? Kate Spade's new line of wrist wear has left me squealing with delight. I've actually been looking at various watches to add to my arm party, but I couldn't make a decision. Once I saw Kate Spade's new time pieces, I knew I'd met my match. They're so chic and colorful; however, I can't decide on which one I love the most. Which one do you fancy?

Wish Listed: Kate Spade Watches

A Note to Flyboy:
No pressure, but now all of my readers are aware. 
I promise this is the first and last time I drop such a subtle hint on my blog. 
It was intended to teach a valuable lesson -- this is me passing along my mom's wisdom.
I'll get back to you with those reasons as to why I'm so deserving.

Happy Wednesday!
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