Monday, March 19, 2012

Life's Little Details: Part II

Take a look at some of my favorite snapshots from the past few weeks...

We've made it a point to meet up for the occasional breakfast at SBUX lately. It's fun to share some time together before we part ways and head to work. / My parents sent the winged "N" to Flyboy. Apparently there are an excess of "A's" around the house. I wonder why?!?
I had every intention to stop by Safeway and pick up some fresh flowers for the past few weeks. Due to my absent-mindedness, I got creative this last week and cut some of the local blooms growing in our yard. I thought I'd get fancy with my arrangement, so I threw in a few sprigs of Rosemary. We won't discuss the trail of ants that appeared within an hour of displaying my creation. / After learning my lesson with the ants, I made a Safeway pit stop and picked up a Hyacinth plant instead. Their smell reminds me of spring and the Netherlands! I'm hoping the intense morning sunlight doesn't scorch the precious plant anytime soon.
I saw this image in the Mizzou alumni magazine and got thoroughly excited!!! Perhaps these snazzy plates will adorn our vehicles someday? / This picture was taken from my Eames rocker. I sat down after work to take a quick breather and these two friendly faces came to greet me and show some love.
Enough said. / These ballet flats are feminine and comfortable, and I want them in every color. While a bit on the pricey side, I've never had a pair of shoes that didn't require me breaking them in. I'm a convert with my fingers crossed, just hoping for a sale!
House Beautiful March 2012 Issue: There were so many stunning spreads, but this feature stole the show! It got me thinking about what it would be like to be responsible for a beautifully designed spread with such a bold impact like this one. / Although I've read this month's issue of Real Simple countless times, I can't help but leave it out on display. The cover was jus so fabulous and colorful!
I'm crazy cakes about J.Crew's fanfare print. It's such a fresh update to the 60s Palm Beach-inspired pattern, and an easy way to make a statement. / A few weeks ago, I had a chronic case of wanderlust. My inner-Francophile was appeased when I googled "macarons in Hawaii" and was pleasantly surprised by the results -- La Tour Cafe hit the spot!
List-making is so much sweeter with a cute notepad or notebook, and Rifle Paper Co. has this detail perfected. / The Black Flash needed to be washed and detailed after weeks of abandonment. I completed that task and moved on to running errands at Target. As I approached the Jetta in the parking lot, I couldn't help but exercise my best Tyga voice and recite lyrics to "Rack City" -- "Look at the paint on the car." If that doesn't show pride, I don't know what does.
Since things have picked up around Lil' Puna, I've been slacking on the snail mail front. There's really no excuse, but I figured these adorable note cards would inspire me to get out my pen, envelopes, and stamps. / He's quick to shy away from the camera, but I was bound and determined to get an updated picture of Tripp for the blog. Unfortunately, this image doesn't accurately show the personality that's evolved over the past year. With each day, I see a little more spunk and excitement from him. While Flyboy and Beesly share a special bond, Tripp is definitely a mama's boy.
And now it's clear which dog prefers the spotlight. Beesly is a total poser, and I absolutely adore that about her! It keeps me thoroughly entertained. Can you tell by her nautical-inspired scarf that she keeps up with the blog? / The local yacht club races sailboats in the bay area every Sunday. After almost a year of residing at Puna, it never grows old. I can waste hours just observing from our couch. Inevitably, I end up accurately predicting which sailboat will capsize first. I realize it's terrible that I get so much pleasure out of such unfortunate events, but it's fun to get out Flyboy's spotting scope and monitor the weekend bay activity. Uh-oh, I'm starting to sound like my dad! It's true, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Enjoy your Monday.
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  1. looks like you've been having a lovely couple of weeks! darling photos!

  2. Hi Ashley! I just found your blog from Fabulous K's link party. Such an adorable blog! I can't wait to spend more time browsing it. It looks like there is tons of inspiration.

    I saw you're interested in online magazines. I am a co-founder of Twin Stripe. Get in contact if you are interested in collaboration!


  3. Your blog is so cute! Glad I found it.

  4. These posts just make me happy!!:) I love to see the little details of your life...and dream about my future in my own home with my own honey...I'm living vicariously through you (who I can totally see myself being in a few years)!