Monday, March 26, 2012

I Married Adventure

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We have this particular postcard on our fridge, and it makes me smirk every time I see it because it's so ironic. I am not adventurous; I prefer to play it safe, but this is no surprise to you. It's precisely what you would have expected from Type-A, right? Lucky for me, Flyboy appreciates his routine just the same (although, I do find him a tad more daring than myself). We're the perfect match in a Rain Man sort of way, and this card is intended to remind us to shake things up every now and then -- like have breakfast for dinner. We're wild and crazy, I'm aware!

As of late, my "fish sticks on Friday" tendencies have been haunting me. Just when I get into another predictable rut, I'm tested. I knew it was only a matter of time because I started to feel settled with work, blogging, and my balance at home with the Mister and our pups. A few weeks ago, we found out that Flyboy would be attending a training course that would take him back to his home state in April. As a result, I would have the option of flying with him at no cost, which would also give me the opportunity to spend some time with my sister. Sounds great, right? I was instantly excited at the prospects of this potential trip.
  • "A chance to finally ride on a C-17? Sign me up!"
  • "Watch Bravo with Aubrey and walk the streets of Columbia together. Score!"
  • "What should I eat while I'm back? A James Brownie Funky Jackhammer from Andy's is a must!"
  • "Escape the routine and get off this rock. Um, Midwest is best!" 
  • "What about an afternoon at the Nelson-Atkins Museum?"
  • "Maybe I could see some old friends?"

But within 15 minutes, the logistical side of me started to take over with thoughts like these...
  • "Ugh, that means I'll have to put a halt to the mail." Not kidding, my first thought is always the mail.
  • "Will I be an inconvenience to Aub? Would that even work for her?"
  • "What about the blog? Gawd forbid!"
  • "Will I be able to take time off from work? I just started. Won't that look bad?"
  • "What about the dogs? I'll need to make a kennel reservation."
  • "Tripp and Beesly are going to stink after 12+ days at the kennel. They'll definitely need a bath!"

I started to get overwhelmed by minute details because this wasn't something I'd planned on doing a month ago. Can you say lame sauce? My mind gets clouded with "noise" and I automatically rule things out. All too often, I'll choose my routine over new experiences because it's what I know. I like feeling comfortable, which is ultimately a matter of control for me. It's terrible, but I'm trying to make myself more aware of this awful trait.

While Flyboy has been away this past week, I've had a lot of time to think, and I've decided I'm going to go for it. My reasons to opt out of the trip were quite absurd. In fact, I feel rather silly for making these thoughts public because it seems like a no-brainer. I guess this forum has always been a way for me to hold myself accountable and a chance to reflect. While weighing the pros and cons, I realized the following...
  • I would regret not spending time with my sister.
  • I still have a little over two weeks to prep. Talk about being bold and daring (wink, wink). 
  • Paul, the mailman, will still be here when I return (phew).
  • My job is part-time, so they don't need me, and that's the whole reason I wanted a flexible position. 
  • I'll plan for some guest bloggers while I'm away and create posts in advance. Any volunteers? 
  • The dogs, namely Tripp, really enjoy their time at the kennel. 

The moral of the story? Don't over think things. Oh, and keep reading One Fine Day when you're in need of an instant ego boost. Who's got two thumbs and is nuttier than you? This gal.
Happy Monday!
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  1. You'd better come see me this time!! We'll meet you ladies at Andy's and the Funky Jackhammer is on me! Literally... the boys are a mess of chocolate by the time we leave there ;)

  2. Oh Ash, you're more relatable to most people than you think! I'm the exact same way, except for the trip part...I love me some spontaneous trips. I still have the same worries..."Who will watch the amimals?" "Should I stop the mail?" "I better do a speed deep clean." It's a great thing to feel comfortable, but sometimes you just need an opportunity to come around that's unexpected. I hope you have a great time with Aubrey!

  3. Good for you! I'm sure you won't regret your "spontaneous" trip. I'm happy to do a guest post if you're worried about blog neglect! :)

  4. Oh girl, I think most of your readers are quite a bit like you. I'd be thinking, "will I have time to be sure that we leave the house with zero undone laundry?" and "how will this impact my meal planning/grocery list making/Saturday grocery shopping trip that just can't be done any other day of the week or it will throw off the number of spinach servings for my daily smoothie".

  5. I happen to think you're making the right decision, although I read a lot of myself in this post. (Shocker.) You're going to have a blast, and I'd love to guest post for yaz. Let me know. :)

  6. posts like THIS is why I LOVE your blog!!:) Looking forward to reading those guest posts and hoping you have a wonderful trip

  7. Thanks for the loving feedback, as always! I think so many of us around here are A LOT alike:) I always feel like I'm in great company.

    Carlie, I'll definitely be taking you up on the guest blogging. Any other volunteers are welcome!!!

  8. Oh, Ash, how exciting!! Enjoy it so much! The C17 is a pretty smooth ride. You go, crazy spontaneous girl!

  9. YOU HAVE to go!! I will even write a guest post for you. Plus you can blog on the go ;)