Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring: So Fresh and So Clean

Just as the fall makes me want to buy new school supplies, spring makes me eager to clean, organize, and rearrange the furniture and knick knacks. And since Flyboy's MIA for the next two weeks, this seems to be the opportune time for me to tear the house apart and make this place shine. Some of you may roll your eyes at these last few sentences. We all know that Type-A likes to keep things clean and tidy all of the time; however, I'm talking about spic and span to the max. I plan to pull everything out of the closets, get behind the refrigerator, and whip out the bleach. I'm going to clean my cleaning supplies -- that's how real it's about to get, and I couldn't be more excited!

Once Lil' Puna is in apple-pie order, I plan to get creative and switch up the decor a bit. I get bored with our stuff easily, so I'm constantly moving around stacks of books and trinkets from room to room. Rearranging the old can give new life and purpose to your knick knacks. In fact, yesterday's Glitter Guide feature regarding the styling of a sofa has inspired me to shake things up a little bit in our living room. The swap of a few pillows, the integration of a new tchotchke or two, and the fresh scent of a new candle, are just a few ways to freshen up your home. What are some of your favorite ways to welcome spring and liven up your decor? Any cleaning or organizing tips? Do tell.

While I whip out the Dyson and microfiber cloths, 
take a peek at a few images that inspire and fabulous springtime finds...
I adore this little vignette. These pretty stacks are artfully arranged by the a-mazing Katie Armour.
At home with Taylor Tomasi Hill. How great are the mixed prints?
I would die for a cheerful work space like this one!
Kingston / Custom Pet Portrait / Dolls / Knitted Pouf / Lime Ikat / Stripe Throw / Jet Set Coasters / Union Jack / Calypso Ikat

Zing Green Lamp / Footed Clock / Timer / Tulips / Mirror Frame / Zip-Dee-Do Knob / Gnome Container / Red Books / Measuring Cups
Potted Herb Plant / Diptyque 'Baies' Scented Oval / Mrs. Meyer's Countertop Spray / Gloveables / Pandan Bin / Le Parfait Canister Set / Rugby Stripe Bins / Capri Blue Candle / Braided Storage Bin / Chevron Doormat / Memo Notebook Tray
Happy Spring!
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  1. those stripe organizers are calling my name!!

    thanks for stopping by the blog. come again soon!


  2. Just did spring cleaning over here too. And not just a simple dust and shine, but a haul to Goodwill, vaccuum the curtains, reorganize everything kind of cleaning. I feel so accomplished! Good luck with your cleaning! Also, I'm loving the goodies you've showcased!

  3. As you know, I am a huge fan but this was one of my favorite posts yet! Must have something to do with that "Out with the old, in with the new" feeling that comes this time of year.

    PS. that retro kitchen timer is even better in person!

  4. You are right, we have may to much in common...thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and for officially giving me the perfect thing to do on this rainy Boise day...reading every last post on your blog. I'm in love with it - you are very talented!

  5. love that rugby striped storage bin!

  6. I love these bright and colorful ideas! I'm working on redoing a room right now, and there's so much inspiration here. love your blog!

  7. Dying-I want to stop everything else and work on my room, workspace and office!! (the only portions of the house allotted to me...the rest is Mom's business!)