Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paris (Ooh La La)

When Flyboy is away, I get complete control of the boob tube. Winning! We like a lot of the same shows (Bravo included), so this isn't really a problem -- except for when he wants to watch hours of Gold Rush. Side Note: For those familiar with this show, I just can't stand that one old man's annoying voice. It's awful! 

Now, I'll get back to the point of this post. While I'm by myself, I really like to have some sort of background noise. It seems to make the time go by faster and keeps the pups and me from obsessing over every little noise. I mostly see it as an opportunity to play episodes of the New Girl repeatedly. It's almost as though Schmidt, Jess, and I are just hanging out -- douche bag jar included. Anywho, this past week I watched Midnight in Paris again. Swoon! I just adore that movie. It's the kind of film that makes my mouth hurt because my smile is so ginormous. It's a double barrel kind of grin -- one that is far from being attractive. I guess there's just something so wonderful about Paris, the city's beautiful scenery, history, art, and literature. Some of my favorite worlds collide in one film, and it's enchanting! I'm always sad to see the movie end, but with each viewing I feel reinvigorated and inspired.

Sadly, I don't have any future trips to Paris planned. Le sigh! But it's left me bound and determined to find some sort of local activity, hole-in-the-wall eatery, or hidden shop, that will hopefully ignite this same kind of creative fire inside me. This weekend I have one goal, and that's to achieve my double barrel smile. It would be ideal if Flyboy returns before the weekend is over. And to be completely honest, if this were to happen, a double barrel smile is inevitable. I would be elated to share a Sunday on the beach together with a copy of The Paris Wife at hand -- that might be just enough to satisfy my French fix for now!

After all of this rambling, you deserve to feed your inner Francophile...
Always A Good Idea / The Three Sisters / Le Tour Eiffel / Archie Grand Notebook: Artists I Met And Liked
  Hello, Paree!
The Essentials / Paris Watercolor / Madeline
An American in Paris
Repetto Flats / J.Crew: Clothes & Accessories / Essie Clambake / Mini Camera / Parisian Chic
 A French State of Mind
Francophile Finds
Paris Stamp Set / Map of Paris / Assorted French Cards / Quips & Queries Cards / Ribbon Stripe Clutch / Herbs de Provence / Macaroons / French Toast Stamp / French Magnetic Poetry / Bonjour / My Life in France / Paris vs. New York / Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face / Paris Playing Cards / Eiffel Tower Pillow
Paris Perfect Films
French Kiss / Julie & Julia / Funny Face / Amelie / Midnight in Paris / Forget Paris
The Lights of Paris
If this post doesn't leave you feeling wanderlusty, I don't know what will!

Happy Thursday!
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  1. beyond adorable...from top to bottom! j'adore!

  2. this post makes me want to go to paris even more! I've been trying to read as many books as I can that take place in paris (lunch in paris, the sweet life in paris). my inner francophile is very happy after this post. :)

  3. Oh my goodness!! This makes me want to hop on a plane and scoot over to Europe. Thanks for posting!

  4. C'est neat! Cool sweater, too!

  5. Madeline was my favorite growing up...I had the doll, the hat and a coat (red & black though!) and carried them through the airport on trips...such a girl haha!! As always, your blog is such a pick-me-up!

  6. Gorgeous pics. I want to go to Paris too, but it's an impossible feat right now. Well, these pictures will inspire me.
    Seattle Beauty and Fashion - Girlie Blog Seattle

  7. Tonya - I went to La Tour Cafe and had macaroons. Mission accomplished! Now I can't wait to try the crepe place:) Maybe this weekend??