Thursday, September 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday

How cute is this picture of Flyboy gearing up for a round of golf with his Gammy? At this time, I imagine my family was stationed somewhere in Nebraska or North Dakota. In fact, I should probably check with my dad on this one. He could probably tell me what we ate that very day — that's just the kind of copious note taker he is! Anywho, I'm fairly certain that I was also decked out in some sort of stripe. Foreshadowing, anyone?!? I was most likely toting around a Cabbage Patch doll to prepare for my big sister duties. With twenty plus years ahead of me, I had NO idea that I'd end up marrying this guy and we'd have a whole life of adventure ahead of us. Blessed is an understatement. Flyboy, today we celebrate YOU! Thanks for doing life with me. Here's to MANY more birthdays together. xo

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