Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Need Read Greed

Today's Need Read Greed courtesy of Olya from the blog, Lunarka's Treasure Box:
  • NEED: I’m surprising myself that I’m not writing down a pair of shoes in this “need” section. Honestly, I’m much more excited about buying my first DSLR camera than any pair of shoes (says the shoe lover)! I really need this Nikon D5200 camera for a fun project I have on my blog called Stylish Scientists (yes, scientists can be stylish — find out for yourself).  I got into photography after taking a class my senior year of college, and after that I’ve been taking mental pictures wherever I go, framing the perfect shot in my mind and imagining how I could capture  situations with a camera. I’m so thrilled when I think about holding my new camera. Seriously, I can’t wait! Now I just have to make time to wander around NYC to capture its wonders, just like back in college.
  • READ: I’m a scientist (working on my PhD in genetics), and in general, I read tons of scientific articles every day and try to learn all of the smallest details about my area of research (trust me it’s super interesting to me!). It’s actually hard to make time to read something else. But reading about something other than science is my only source of gaining knowledge in a different fields. That’s why I love reading biographies and novels with historical background. Oftentimes, people I read about really inspire me, and novels with a historical component really add a nice description of certain events or era to my fading knowledge of history. I was delighted to read this book about Cleopatra recently. I always had a certain image of her from popular culture, and while it’s certainly true that she was a powerful and smart women ruling Egypt since her early twenties, a lot of mysterious things about Cleopatra (like her death by snakes) became a Hollywood invention.
  • GREED: This is a dangerous-to-my-wallet attraction of mine to all things made in France and Italy. Since I discovered this new brand of sunglasses called Illesteva — it’s a miracle that I haven’t splurged yet. While their quality is so amazing, and designs are hip and retro — I’m so afraid to damage a pair of $200 eyewear that this fear keeps me from making the jump. But fear is not a good emotion — maybe I’ll overcome it during my birthday month?

Thanks for sharing, Olya! I'm SO picking up a copy of that book for my upcoming travels, and I adore those sunnies.
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