Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Note to Self: GIFs make me giddy.
Attending Blogshop Austin has to be the highlight of 2013. Flyboy might laugh at that statement because the night before the workshop began, I was a glass case of emotions. No, seriously. Any time I'm about to embark on something that means SO much to me, I get worrisome and fussy. The silliest thoughts flood into my mind and I get anxious about all the what-ifs. It's ridiculous, really. I'm not the kind of gal who puts herself out there, and while the thought of attending this dreamy blogger bootcamp made my heart skip a beat, it simultaneously made me a nervous wreck. Thank goodness for cute notebooks and sparkly accessories!

Ever the timely student, I arrived at the venue approximately 30 minutes early. Punctuality is fantabulous, but the extra downtime has a way of toying with this worry wart's emotions. I kept my cool and watched as others started to arrive. It was REALLY happening! Eek! I gave myself a little zhuooshing, kissed Flyboy goodbye, and headed into the classroom to a state of bloggie bliss.

Smiling faces greeted us at the door with mimosas. Treat yo self! Just as I'd envisioned, there was a lovely garland backdrop on the wall, mismatched vintage chairs set up throughout the studio at bright yellow tables; there were dainty flower arrangements everywhere, BKR bottles and Baggus were sprinkled on the tabletops. I was in a design daze. Pinch me! I quickly picked some random seat, sat my bags down, and as soon as I looked up, I saw the blonde mermaid. I'm talking about THE Bri Emery — the blogger and creative genius behind designlovefest, a blog I've followed religiously since 2009. She was chatting with her partner-in-crime, Angela Kohler, an ├╝ber talented photographer and commercial director. Before I could embarrass myself from gawking, a girl named Jessie was seated across from me. Covered in polka dots and armed with the cutest laptop case, we exchanged hellos and nervously set up our computers. When you're riding this kind of creative high, it's impossible to hide your crazy. Thank goodness, Jessie was just as pumped as I was. She embraced my giddiness and kindly made sense of my cryptic and excited ramblings.

Hours were spent listening to Bri and Angela banter back and forth about Photoshop shortcuts, sharing tricks of the trade, and inside jokes. Just when I thought I had a good grasp of the editing software, my mind was blown with just a few simple clicks. I looked around the room, so many jaws dropped in amazement. Amid the oohs and aahs, we all sat hunched over our laptops manipulating images and type. If that doesn't sound like heaven, I don't know what does! We all realized there was a more efficient way to design posts and edit images, leaving more time to actually create original content. Isn't that something? 

I should attribute any new smile wrinkles to Blogshop, because there wasn't a moment I didn't catch myself grinning like a buffoon. Every time I looked around, I saw someone else geeking out over little details, like the persnickety styling of succulents and catered lunches. There were discussions about personal blog goals and 'grammers bonding over filters, apps, and hashtags. I was with m' people, and I loved it! It's not often that you get the opportunity to be surrounded by others who have such a genuine appreciation for the same things that you do. The joy was contagious. Just as I hoped, I was able to let my guard down and embrace this one-of-a-kind weekend with a giant bear hug. I realized that being in the company of other creative types made me feel confident and inspired. This past weekend was such a delight; it's a gift I'll never forget. From the bottom of my heart, thanks mom and dad!

Random Blogshop Notes:
  • You can guarantee there will be a lot more GIFs in One Fine Day's future. They're oodles of fun to create!
  • Clueless about GIFs? Click here.
  • Thanks to Angela, I came away from Blogshop with a handful of pictures of myself that I don't hate. It's a Christmas miracle! My eyes are open in practically every shot. I don't have to hide behind sunnies anymore! Yippee!
  • Because the creative juices are flowing, you may see some tweaking (not twerking) going on around here! Nothing big, just a little TLC. Stay tuned. 
  • The skills I learned will take hours of practice and fine tuning, but I bet you'll notice a difference with time. Patience, m' dears! Okay, this note is mostly a reminder to myself.
  • Big deal alert! I waited several hours before peeking into my Baggu of swag. Sometimes I surprise myself.
  • I didn't take nearly enough photos. I think I was too busy people watching, and that's okay too!

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