Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Scrolling through photos for today's post was cathartic. This past year has been so good to us. I found myself grinning from ear to ear and tearing up just thinking about the bounty of blessings and experiences we've enjoyed in 2013:

  • We said "A Hui Hou" to Hawaii, and we were warmly welcomed in the great state of Texas. While we miss the view from Lil' Puna, it's awfully fun to giggle about Cooter Brown's. 
  • Tripp and Beesly are content anywhere, but air conditioning is an added bonus. They miss our daily trek up and down the hill, but they dig road trips and spacious fields for playing frisbee.
  • We got to share some of our favorite places with the people we love the most — Maui and Missouri, anyone? 
  • We caught up with old pals and created precious bonds with new friends. 
  • We sold our '08 Jetta (The Black Flash) and bought a '14 Jettawagen (The Rig). How original! In our defense, the new diesel is both fuel efficient and family friendly. Winning!!!
  • Flyboy logged many hours in the C-17 and came back with cartons of beer and clever stories.
  • In October, he swapped cargo planes for a trainer and he's had a blast twisting, turning, and flying in formation. 
  • While I'm incredibly proud of the work he's done in the wild blue yonder, I had the best time cheering him on as he completed an Olympic Triathlon in Honolulu, and he cycled from the shores of Maui to Haleakala's summit. 
  • This wasn't my year for physical feats. Instead, I excelled at mixing Limonata with Hendrick's, spent quality time with Bravo's beloved Andy Cohen, and collected anything covered in polka dots. It's safe to say, I was successful.
  • Some of my favorite moments of 2013 were spent sipping Crewlade with my dear friends at J. Crew on-the-island. Words can't express how much fun I had getting gussied up and being paid to mingle with co-workers and clients who get equally jazzed about colorful cashmere and sparkly baubles.
  • With the love and support of my family, I got snazzy blogger cards, a fancy DSLR, and spent an unforgettable weekend in Austin at Blogshop. I have NO idea what will come of One Fine Day, but words can't express how much it means that my family believes in me enough to provide me with tools and experiences to further my love of blogging — a pet project that has brought me oodles of joy and creative fulfillment.
  • Design and writing make me twitterpated, but blogging has introduced me to so many fabulous people. I'm incredibly grateful to my readers. Thank you for stopping by, commenting, and introducing yourself via email! It's just so nice to geek out about ballet flats and stationery.

Cheers to a swell new year! 
I hope 2014 is brimming with good company, great card stock, and fizzy drinks!

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