Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Wow! I'm absolutely overwhelmed by yesterday's well wishes regarding Baby Fine. Thank you all very much! You definitely know how to make this gal feel oh-so loved. Your comments, emails, etc., were incredibly encouraging. It's not easy for me to keep important info from you and getting all those feelings off my chest made me want to explode with glee. Phew! The honesty and excitement make me feel like celebrating in a virtual kinda way. Wanna join?! Perhaps some balloons, confetti, and garland from Poppies for Grace?! This is one of those online shops that I love to have in my back pocket, just in case there's a need kick up your heels and be merry. Then again, we could always just agree to celebrate the everyday and keep a few of these party supplies handy!

Here are a few of my festive favorites from Poppies for Grace...
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