Tuesday, September 9, 2014


List makers gonna list...
Here are a few items that have been invaluable these past 35 weeks:

  • Storq Basics // I read a lot about this line on various blogs, and it didn't disappoint. I ended up buying the skirt and tank toward the end of my first trimester. The buildable pieces are amazingly comfy and the material is yummy.
  • Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow // If this was Andy Cohen's Clubhouse and I had to choose just one of these items to give my Mazel to, it would have to go to m' body pillow. I initially thought I could go without one, but the bigger I got, the more challenging it's been to sleep. I truly regret not taking the plunge and buying this sooner. It seems rather spendy for a body pillow, but I assure you it's worth the investment. The only downside is that every time I get up to visit the restroom throughout the night, I have to worry about claiming it from Flyboy. He's kind of obsessed with it.
  • Women's Seamless Camisole // I've tried so many different brands throughout this pregnancy, but these are the absolute best. They're long (Woo Hoo!) and hug your bump giving you a smooth silhouette. I wear them underneath knits and tees, as loungewear, and when I work out. You honestly can't beat the price and they wash up really nicely.
  • Great with Child by Beth Ann Fennelly // When we found out we were expecting, I purchased a handful of pregnancy books. While they were intended to be helpful, I found them mostly scary. This book calmed my nerves and reassured me that this motherhood thing was going to be alright—it's the pep talk I needed so badly.
  • The Color Curator Necklace // I haven't had the best luck in terms of maternity clothing options, so I've relied heavily on colorful accessories. While this necklace is simple, it adds a little punch to any basic knitted dress or tee. At a certain point in pregnancy (for me, that's NOW), you're lucky if you have three outfits on rotation.  
  • Quorra Ballet Flats // A self-proclaimed ballet flat connoisseur, I wanted something comfortable to wear as I skipped around Swell Rio throughout the spring and summer months. This has been my go-to pair of shoes.
  • BKR Water Bottle // When you have to hydrate like it's your job, you might as well have something cute to sip from!
  • Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream // A day after learning I was pregnant, I ordered my first tube of this cream. I promise you, it works like a charm and worth every cent. Applied twice a day, there's not a stretch mark in sight.
  • Matchstick Maternity Jeans // I was a fan of J.Crew's Matchstick Jeans prior to becoming preggo, so I was delighted to see they had a maternity option. I was initially skeptical about them, but they fit perfectly. Almost nine months into this whole pregnancy thing and they're still hard at work. I only wish J.Crew would expand their line of maternity wear.
  • Prenatal Vitamins // I never had issues taking pills until I got pregnant. I found myself struggling to get my vitamins and supplements down without gagging. I tried a few different brands, but I prefer this bundle by The Honest Company.
  • Kind Granola Bars // You never know when hanger will strike. It's best to have one of these stowed away in your purse.
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