Tuesday, March 10, 2015



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! Feelings of joy are just buzzing around Swell Rio. Can you feel it?! In two short weeks, I'll get to hug my parents and watch them as they love on sweet Max. Squee! As if things couldn't get any better, my in-laws are planning an impromptu trip down to Texas and they'll arrive next week. It's going to be such a treat to be surrounded by so much family in such a short period of time! Sometimes I feel like I spend a lot of energy searching to find the swell in The Rio, so it's really nice for life to suddenly seem eventful and exciting. A change of scenery is going to feel great for all of us. March never looked so good!

  • It's a proven fact that overcast weekends are better when you're toting around fresh Tulips. I currently have three dozen scattered around our house, and I don't hate it. I suppose if Texas isn't ready for spring, then I'll just fake it indoors.
  • Can someone pass the tissues? Last Friday afternoon, I packed up all of Max's old clothes. I told myself I wouldn't be "that emotional mom" who sobs incessantly about how her baby is no longer a baby. Yeah, right. Good luck with that! On the bright side, I managed to keep it together until my mom called. As she asked what I was up to, I stared at a ginormous pile of newborn gowns and the tiniest striped leggings, and crocodile tears began to squirt from my eyes. Talk about feeling all the feelings. What a goober! I remember waiting anxiously for Max to finally fit in his adorable yellow jacket or his little sheep sweater and now I kind of want to hit the pause button. In a lot of ways, the Space Saver Bag that's chock-full of Max's first clothes feels like a badge of honor because those first few months were rough. I suppose it's just proof that we survived and there's a lot of great moments and precious outfits ahead.
  • Our Home Depot gets shipments of great plants and flowers at the most inopportune times. The practical side of me knows that we probably have at least one or two more freezes in our future, but how am I supposed to practice self-control when they continue to woo me with Ornamental Kale and Ranunculus?!
  • Attention all color lovers, you're going to want to get your hands on the latest issue of Domino. I've officially thumbed through it with glee on three different occasions, and I can assure you it's worth the $12 price tag.
  • In an attempt to get ahead on March's cocktails (look at me being so devoted to my resolution—wink), Flyboy and I whipped up a Gin Buck cocktail. You can expect the recipe and a review in an upcoming Hump Day Happy Hour post. 
  • After choosing photos for today's post, I realized that Max has a few key poses. Do you see any similarities in the last two pictures of him? He He! I'm thinking it's a disgruntled Blue Steel. For the most part, he seems to take after Flyboy when it comes to being photogenic. Now if he could just be like his father when it comes to cavities and dental work...
  • Here's a pathetic and sparkly confession. I got these jeweled sandals from J.Crew over a month ago. Sadly, they haven't made a Swell Rio debut just yet, so I sometimes get them out of my closet to stare at and wear around the house. Hey-O!

Alright, enough of my babbling. How are YOU? How's your week?

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