Friday, March 20, 2015


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Navy Stack by Jennifer Flannigan // The Magenta looks magnificent! I wouldn't mind hanging this beauty above my desk.
  • Kate Spade Watering Can // If for some reason I win the lottery, I'd buy this for my mom in a heart beat. It's just perfect!
  • Dulci Fabric-Bow Kitten Heels // Because we have visitors in town, I originally created this post last week, and it appears these amazing heels have sold out since I whipped up the graphic. Oops! They're still incredibly pretty to stare at and they make today's Love List extra marvy. Here's hoping they'll be in-stock soon, because they're flipping fabulous!
  • Moss Table Runner // How many more days until the Lent online shopping lockdown is over? I would SO add this adorable touch of spring to our kitchen table. In case you forgot, I have this thing with moss...
  • Watermelon Slices by Elizabeth Graeber // I don't think I'll ever stop singing Elizabeth Graeber's praises. Eventually I plan to own a piece of her work. I can't decide if it will be something food-related (like this!) or if I'd have her illustrate a favorite piece from my wardrobe. I lean towards the latter; however, these watermelon slices are seriously superb.
  • Sleeveless Silk Shell in Pin Dot // I'm thinking this might be on the top of my J.Crew wish list. The silk isn't terribly mom-friendly, but I imagine my dad will be holding Max for the next two weeks, so it doesn't really matter. Ha Ha!
  • Fantastic Mom Card by Emily McDowell // Speaking of parents, I can't wait to hug my mom and dad next week. Squee! I can't even believe it!! We saw them last October and so much has happened since. I just want to squeeze them and thank them for the support they've offered. Nothing makes you appreciate your parents more than having a child of your own.
  • Fuchsia Rocker // I need another Eames-inspired chair like I need a hole in my head, but I had NO clue they started to create them in such punchy color palettes. Hubba hubba! Maybe Max will need one in his size in a few years?! He He!
  • Bobbi Brown Hot Nudes Eye Palette // I'm in the market for some new eye shadow. My old palette busted last week, and I'm just barely getting by with what's left. I can't wait to hit up Sephora or Ulta with my mom. I think this Bobbi Brown palette is a serious contender. I love the combination of matte and subtle amount of shimmer.
  • Zara Home New Arrivals // Sometimes I forget to look at Zara Home, but I was really impressed with their latest batch of New Arrivals. I'm especially loving this Sleep Mask, these Pink Tumblers, and these affordable and colorful Linen Pillows.
  • Bunny Hop Sweatshirt // Clearly this is a Maxwell Must. I've already got this festive flair packed for our big trip. 
  • Namesake Beaded Bracelet // I got a Krysos + Chandi bracelet last summer, and I wear it on repeat. This neon orange and metallic blush convertible piece (doubles as a necklace and bracelet) might be a nice addition to my collection.

As always, thank you kindly for stopping by. Cheers to a snazzy weekend, m' dears! Make it count.
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