Tuesday, March 3, 2015



Oh hey, it's Tuesday! I guess that Monday Moodboard I had in the works didn't get finished quite as I'd hoped. Oops! I'll blame it on Frank Underwood and the lure of comfy pajama pants and a fresh batch of chili on this dreary Swell Rio weekend. Yes, it was one of THOSE weekends. In fact, Saturday started out rather productive, but my tenacity peaked right about 1:30 pm and didn't return until Monday morning. I suppose that will happen when you finally upgrade your phone and you're sucked into a black hole of resetting apps and updating login information. Stressful? Yes. Ridiculous? Well, maybe just a tad. Then, as soon as Flyboy and I finally felt situated with all of the iPhone 6 newness, it was time to settle in for some House of Cards. I know what you must be thinking, those two really know how to unplug. Ha! Between all the buffering and baby, we couldn't help but chuckle about how our binge-watching days of the past have changed since Max joined the fam. If we're lucky, it might take us a few months to finish season three, but the cute kid asleep on my lap makes it totally worth it.

  • This Texas weather is nutty, and I'm ready for some consistent temps. Our front yard is looking rather drab, and I can't wait to start adding some color and life to the landscaping. All of the delightful plants at Home Depot are wooing me.
  • Simple pleasures come in the form of Blackberries, sipping lattes, and a new children's book about Matisse
  • As coined by my witty father, March Maxness is upon us. Yippee! There are just so many exciting things happening this month. Giddy is an understatement, my friends. Let the list-making and countdown officially begin.
  • That miniature snowman clad with Craisin eyes, pencil limbs, and a grosgrain scarf was created by my dear dad for Max. It's adorable overload, and I can't help but think my creative mother had something to do with the accessorizing.
  • I'm so happy I snapped a photo of Flyboy and Max before Mustache March kicked off on Sunday. Creepy facial hair in the name of camaraderie just isn't my thing, and I'm counting the days until the growth above FB's lip will be shaved off.

Alright, enough of my babbling. How are YOU? How's your week?

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