Friday, March 13, 2015


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Color Crazy via The Atlantic Pacific // Blair Eadie can simply do no wrong, my friends. I adore EVERYTHING about this outfit. The stripes. Swoon! Those fabulous shoes. Hubba Hubba! Oh, and the punchy and classic color combination! Squee! It's going to take me awhile to come down from this delightful high. This is the definition of verklempt.
  • Ceramic Colorblock Box // I quickly browsed J.Crew's latest batch of New Arrivals (SO GOOD) because I didn't want to be tempted; however, I couldn't help but be intrigued by the sweet persimmon color of this little box. Bravo! I'm sure by the time this post is published, I will have items on my wishlist to pursue in person when I visit the store with my mom.
  • Loren Hope Spring/Summer 2015 Look Book // Feast your eyes, my friends! As per usual, the styling is spot on. I especially loved the Kai Pendant in Turquoise (paired with a pop of yellow, perhaps?!) and the Sylvia Necklace in Lagoon.
  • Uptown Tote // According to Jenna's Picks, it looks as though we're tote(s) twinsies. Eek! It's ridiculous how smitten I am with this bag. I only wish I would have sprung for the monogram like I originally intended. #PURSEPROBLEMS
  • Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins // I've been told these actually stay on a baby's feet, so I went ahead and got Max a pair for our upcoming trip. While I wanted to get something colorful like this green pair, I opted for a neutral and went with weathered brown. I'll keep you posted on my overall thoughts. I'll be impressed if he doesn't find a way to peel them off.
  • Furbish Favorites // I online window shop in the name of blog research. You're welcome, world! While browsing some of my favorite online stores this week, I fell hard for a few colorful items including this Herringbone Throw, this Spotted Terra Cotta Serving Bowl, and this Sarah Boyts Yoder original, Nautical Toy.
  • Why Not Banner // Well, I'm glad you asked! Why not add this simple reminder to any spot around your house?
  • Carrot Orange Ginger Juice // This tasty and colorful juice might be enough of a reason to get me to dust off the ol' juicer for something other than a cocktail recipe. Actually, I wonder how this would taste spiked?! I'm just kidding. Kind of.
  • Happy Wife Happy Life // Occasionally I like to check out Essie's website to see if they've launched any new collections. I noticed this "radiant red orange" and I can't say I hate the name of the polish. I think Flyboy would agree.
  • Type-A // I found this lovely typeface on Pinterest and can't track down the original source. I'd love to know where it originated because the font design is splendid. It almost makes me twitterpated like Blair's colorful ensemble. Almost.

As always, thank you kindly for stopping by. Cheers to a snazzy weekend, m' dears! Make it count.
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