Tuesday, July 14, 2015



Happy Tuesday, sweet readers! We're back from our road trip to Missouri. In ten quick days, we traveled 1,864 miles, devoured oodles of great food (Kansas City BBQ, anyone??), and made some pretty fabulous memories with family and friends. It's safe to say that Max's first trip to The Show-Me State was one for the books. Let's get on with the details, shall we?

  • The first time we took our furry Texas gal, Beesly, to Missouri in 2009, we made it a point to get her picture with Flyboy at the state line. Six years later with a baby added to our brood, the rite of passage seemed like a no-brainer. This level of adorable MUST be documented. Just don't ask me who's cuter. I can't answer that.
  • You may notice a lot of photos featuring grass. Riveting, isn't it?! I guess you could say we're really big fans who don't get the opportunity to experience such green lushness in Swell Rio. Hmm, that probably sounded borderline druggie. Anywho, teetering around in the yard was an absolute riot for Max, so we took full advantage of nature's novelty by riding on a lawnmower, walking around barefoot, and throwing an impromptu picnic. I even watched the babe shove a handful of grass into his mouth. I probably should have grabbed it from him, but decided to take photos instead. Oops!
  • Our  love nugget spent oodles of time canoodling with his grandparents and aunt. It's what I like to refer to as a game of snuggle and pass along. Who doesn't love that? It's always a treat to see Max interact with those we care for so deeply.
  • Whenever we visit MO, the trek to our beloved college town, Columbia, is mandatory. On this particular trip, we managed to slip in TWO visits. Hooray! Can anyone tell me what's better than an unattended trip to Tarjay after a round of brunch and Bloody Marys with your sister? Well, I don't think it gets much sweeter. Unless of course, you get to tour the glorious Mizzou campus with your favorite peeps (sister included, obvi) and show Max the spot where his dad popped the question and proposed. Aww, shucks! Something about that dear town is magical!
  • Seeing Flyboy take Max around his hometown was pretty special. No trip to Sedville would be complete without a stop at Pro Velo bicycle shop or an afternoon spent washing and detailing cars.

Enough of my babbling. How are YOU? I hope your week is off to a fantastic start. Now, what have I missed?
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