Tuesday, July 28, 2015



Happy Tuesday, sweet readers! Sometimes I sit down to write these posts and I think about what I can tell you that I haven't already said before. In fact, on my walk this morning with Max, I created a mental list of topics or details to cover—none of which inspired me. I guess it would have helped if I took more photos of my favorite moments, but it's getting harder to keep up with this child. He's into EVERYTHING! Anywho, while reviewing last week's highlight reel in my mind, I realized that motherhood makes me feel like a walking contradiction. While I have very few snapshots from this past week to show for, any stranger could look at the texts I exchanged with my mother and they might wonder if I could just make up m' damn mind already. It goes something like this...

"Max is a maniac. Yogurt fingerpainting was SO much fun. What a riot!"

"HE WON'T GO TO SLEEP. I've tried everything. I seriously need this time for my sanity."

"I really don't think I've EVER known a love quite like this." Heart face emoji overload.

"I'm so weak. I don't think I'm made for this motherhood thing. I can't make this child happy."

"Someone was a gem at nap time. What a dreamsicle! I think I'll make him pancakes for dinner."

"After a day like today, I deserve a good gin buzz."

"I picked up bubbles at Wally World for Max. This is going to be a BLAST!"

"Do you think God gave me a slightly disgruntled baby to keep me from being a Smother? #areyoutheregoditsmeashley "

"Some days just feel like defeat. Bedtime and Bravo will be nice."

So yeah, I'm definitely an oxymoron—emphasis on the moron, but the lovable kind (obvi). In the last nine months, I've learned within a fifteen-minute period Max can make me smile so big my cheeks hurt and also drive me so crazy I want to reside in my closet forever. I most definitely count down the minutes 'til nap time, but you know I'm eager to roll around on the floor and watch the babe giggle once more. And if a stranger in the checkout line points out that Max has my eyes, I can totally overlook the meltdown that occurred in the freezer section just moments ago because I'm so stinking proud to be this kid's mom. I'm equal parts honored and scared at the idea of motherhood, but this mom gig wouldn't make sense to me unless there was ANOTHER contradiction.

Alright, what are some of YOUR highlights from this past week? Contradictions welcome.
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