Tuesday, July 12, 2016



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! I'm SO glad last week is OVER. The holiday hangover that followed the 4th of July left Max and I at odds, and it was emotionally draining. No matter what was going on, the two of us butt heads nonstop. Stubborn is as stubborn does, am I right?! Gulp. I found I had very little time for shenanigans and it felt as though Max upped the ante in the mischief department. We're talking BIG time! At one point I went to the sink to fill his juice cup (per his crafty request) only to realize that he snuck out to the backyard on his own. I swear I didn't look away for more than 30 seconds AND the door was locked. Sigh. This toddler stuff is not for the faint of heart, I tell you. I've been told we're currently in the "trenches" of parenting, and I can totally believe it. Once again, we have to rethink the way we handle everything and add more tricks to our toolkit—this seems to be the only constant in parenthood. 

With all of the messes and hairy moments that came with last week, it was especially important to keep an eye out for the little successes. Victory came in the form of fresh mango salsa, nap-time libations with Flyboy (Peach G&T, anyone?!), and getting m' hair did on Saturday. Hallelujah! To top it all off, we had a playdate at the park on Sunday morning with some friends and when we got home Flyboy and I were beaming. Max was incredibly sweet to the other kids and even more persistent about passing out hugs, sharing his hat, and giving high-fives. All bias aside, it was darling to see him interact in such a kind and loving manner. Sometimes it feels like we spend so much time caught in a power struggle with a 21-month-old child. We spend so much time saying the word "NO!" and correcting our tenacious tot that it's very easy to overlook what we're doing right. I think I'll chalk this up as a win!

Enough about me. How the heck are YOU?! I'm dying to know.

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