Wednesday, September 21, 2016



We celebrated Flyboy's birthday on Monday, and while I spent the better part of the afternoon gluing pom-poms to party hats and zhuzhing bows on wrapped gifts, I didn't realize that all of the festive busy-ness served as a perfect distraction. You see, the season of birthdays is upon our family, but it's evident from some of our recent commentary that Flyboy and I are on the same page—yet again. Over the past few weeks, we've each made note of the fact that Max is no longer a baby, but instead a little boy. Why this is such a tough pill to swallow, I'm still not sure, but the closer we get to his second birthday on October 8th, the more I can see the two of us clinging to small moments with our son. While I find myself getting down on the ground with a box of Legos or whipping out the crayons and paints with Max, Flyboy looks forward to evening cruises around base with his pint-size passenger. Deep down, we are both aware that so much goodness lies ahead, but the notion of slowing down and cherishing the mundane moments has been such a gift lately. In fact, I think I've stared at that last photo off and on for the past 24 hours and my heart swells with every glance. I still don't know how I got so lucky to be his wife and his mom, but I know I'll spend the rest of my days celebrating such an honor and feeling so very grateful I get to call them my very own.

OMGoooooodness, you guys! All sappiness aside, here are a few lighter details from today's post...
  • WHY is it still hotter than Hades in Swell Rio? I'm starting to think 80-degree temps would feel chilly right about now.
  • You know you're desperate for fall when you dust off your Tippi sweaters and style them with ALL the necklaces.
  • Additionally, could I trade in all of the desert landscape (I'm looking at you, cacti!) for Mums and pumpkins instead?
  • Yellow cake and chocolate frosting FOREVER! I might not fit in my pants by the end of the week, but it will be #worthit.
  • Sometimes you go to Walmart and insist your stuffed sloth is the most stylin' one in the bunch. Isn't that right, Max?!
  • Remember that one time I went looking for the mysterious juicery? Well, they have a brick-and-mortar business now!
  • Oh, and sorry about the delayed start to the blog week my friends! Sometimes party hats, colorful ribbon, and festoons of balloons are a priority—I can't say I mind one bit. I know there are a handful of you that feel me on this one.

Enough about me. How the heck are you? I'm dying to know

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