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Happy Tuesday, m' dears! Can I just say stop and say THANK YOU for all of the kind feedback I received regarding last Tuesday's post?! I was completely overwhelmed by your honesty, words of encouragement, and willingness to share. A lot of times I write what I'm feeling because it's cheaper than therapy. Ha Ha! I sometimes forget I have an audience here and that this "online journal" I've curated over the years is actually pretty public. Despite five years of blogging under my belt, the idea of putting myself out there is still enough to make the introvert in me cringe, but I've learned that the gift of connecting with others is far sweeter.

With much appreciation and a humble heart, let's get on with the delightful details...
  • Y'all, we're starting to hit temperatures in the low 80s in Swell Rio. I'd say that's a pretty promising sign that Fall has officially arrived in Texas. Yahoo! Heck, we even had a few days last week with highs in the upper 70s. That's sweater weather, my friends! While I won't be whipping out my trusty coat just yet, you better believe Max and I dusted off our beloved sweaters and sweatshirts (my new favorite), loaded The Rig, and headed to Wally World for pumpkins and sunflowers. It is our birthday month after all, so that can only mean one thing—TREAT YO SELF!
  • Every day I set out with one primary goal in mind and that's to try my damnedest to wear this child out. Boys have SO much stinking energy and we're all better off if he's moving. I still look forward to our daily walks with the jogging stroller, but these days we bring it along to push one of Max's stuffed animals in lieu of the actual toddler we purchased said stroller for. Because of course... It takes us FOREVER to make it around our loop on base because we move at a snail's pace. Sigh. This has been rather challenging for yours truly (my family calls me Turbo), but seeing Max stop and look at every rock and blade of grass, point at every plane and bird, etc. is kind of the cutest so I'm willing to move at an excruciatingly slow speed because the wonder in his eyes is totally worth it.
  • On Friday afternoon, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this AMAZING Meredith Marple quote shared by Glennon of Momastery fame. The words hit me in the gut and provoked a double-barrel grin. You guys, I couldn't forward the passage to my mom and sister fast enough. It's the kind of quote that warrants ALL the praise-hands emojis. In fact, I loved it so much I spent too much time on Sunday afternoon arranging the words on my letter board.
  • A few weeks ago I told you I used a promo code and got 25 free prints from Artifact Uprising. I wanted to try a printing service different from Print Studio, and I'm loving the results! The prints are larger than the ones I previously purchased with Print Studio, but I'm a sucker for the thickness of Artifact Uprising's paper. I know where I'll be going in the future.
  • We're headed to Houston (aside from a few layovers, we've never been) for the long weekend to celebrate Max's second birthday. I kind of feel bad that we won't be at home, but then again we live in Swell Rio...  I do plan on filling our hotel with lots of balloons and streamers, making cupcakes, and I've purchased party hats for us to wear on the five-hour drive. I realize being strapped into a car seat on Max's special day might not be ideal, but we do have plans to let our little guy run wild and free at Discovery Green and the Children's Museum.
  • Remember the dino I got for $10 one Friday morning while grocery shopping?? The one that Max just had to have, so I indulged my child, and then the grateful toddler proceeded to chuck his new T-Rex in the middle of the parking lot in 105-degree weather (#stillbitter)?! Yeah, well, we named her Sue for obvious reasons and she seems to go everywhere with us these days. You know I love that! Even Beesly has started to warm up to the plastic dino.   
  • In case you're looking for a little retail therapy yourself ($40 or less), let me fill you in on a few tips. This white watering can from IKEA doubles as an adorable vase. Apparently they even sell it online. BONUS! Also, I'm convinced these studs and this belt are two accessories that can make any outfit, or momsemble in my case, feel put together. 

Enough from me. How are YOU? I'm dying to know. Are you doing ALL the FALL things?!

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