Wednesday, May 10, 2017



Happy Wednesday, m' dears! Let's get on with the delightful details, shall we?!

  • Three years ago when I was pregnant and confident about very little, I knew for sure that the bond this little boy would share with our resident Berner would be everything I hoped for and more. I swear my whole heart turns into a big pile of mush when I watch them interact. Max's reckless behavior is warmly welcomed by this gentle giant and her innate need to nurture the ones she adores most. Nothing makes me want time to stand still more than when they're together.
  • On Saturday, Flyboy participated in his third Adventure Race. Woo hoo! In the past he competed with a team, but this year he opted to cycle, run, and kayak individually. We couldn't wait to meet him at the lake and watch him complete the race, but I had my doubts we'd make it there as Max's wily meter was dialed up to eleven that morning. Yikes! After two dramatic rounds of timeout, I began to wonder if we'd ever leave the house, but we rallied and with minutes to spare arrived in time to watch him transition from bike to boat. Phew! The proud look on Max's face as he watched his dad in action was almost enough for me to forget the events that transpired earlier. I said almost. 
  • Speaking of expressions, I'm constantly in awe of genes and the crazy ways in which they work. The top black-and-white image is ALL Flyboy. I look at Max and see my husband's face. But then I glance at the photo of my boys at the race and I see a mix of my sister and me. Ha! Maybe it's just the awkward smile?! Anywho, you don't really notice these nuances until you have a kid of your own. Then you find yourself wishing your child inherited more than your resting bitch face.
  • While these pictures make me incredibly happy and allow me to focus on details that bring me joy, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that last week was probably one of the hardest I'd endured since becoming a mom. On Wednesday, Flyboy came home to find both Max and me kneeling on the dining room floor bawling. My waterproof mascara—that NEVER runs—ran so much that day, I resembled Tammy Faye Bakker. Needless to say, we were a scary sight to come home to! I can't say exactly what ONE thing occurred that led us both to snap that afternoon. I suppose irrational toddler behavior paired with our mutual need for control led to meltdown after meltdown until this 2.5 year old finally broke me. Nothing seemed to work. He had me and he knew it. Sweet readers, I've never worked so hard at something like I have at motherhood and fallen flat on my face like I do with Max. In that moment, I've never been so happy to see my husband or so eager to go to bed that night and wake up to a fresh start. This gig is hard. Really, really hard.

Thank God for great accessories, bright blooms, slobbery snuggles, and fresh air! Now, how the heck are you? I'm dying to know.

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