Thursday, May 4, 2017



THINKING ABOUT: Last month I visited my doctor about the frequent migraines I'd been having. I wanted to check with him and see if there was any medication that might be effective quicker than the Zomig pills I was used to taking. When you spend your day tending to a toddler, you want something that's going to work and FAST. He suggested I try the Zomig nasal spray, which I've thankfully only had to use twice since it was prescribed. The first time things went pretty well, but I had to use it again this past Tuesday and I did something really wrong because I could feel the medicine seep into the back of my throat and it burrrrrrrrned. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?! I'm a naturally rammy person, so it wouldn't surprise me if I shoved the sprayer device too far. Oops!

THANKFUL FOR: I'd heard about ThirdLove via social media and hadn't considered trying it until my mom told me that she gave it a go recently and was thoroughly impressed with the results. Yep, my interest was officially piqued! So as soon as I got back from visiting her, I took the little Fit Finder quiz and a bra was delivered at my doorstep for me to try free for 30 days. In the event the bra sent wasn't a perfect fit, I could always return/exchange it for free OR I could purchase it if I'm pleased with product. As a self-described small chested pear, it hasn't been easy for me to find a push-up bra or t-shirt bra that fits comfortably, looks natural, and also balances my top half with my "German peasant stock" lower half. I was fully prepared to send whatever bra ThirdLove mailed to me back, but after wearing it for an hour I knew I was going to keep it. I LOVE it and HIGHLY recommend you trying it!

WATCHING: You know you've reached ultimate #boymom status when you see a construction site in the distance, get a little too excited, and go out of your way to drive by it because you know it will be a big hit with your son.  Oh, yeah! Yesterday there was a crew of guys with a boat load of equipment hard at work and I knew it would make Max's day. The sweaty gents probably wondered why we got as close as we could in the wagon and why I rolled down the windows so Max could take a pretend picture with his camera, but it was so worth it to see the smile on his face. I even got a "Thank you, ma!" out of it. 

EATING: In the event you're like me and looking for Whole30 recipes to incorporate into your repertoire, I highly recommend this Turkey Avocado BLT Salad with Dump Ranch, these Creamy and Smoky Chipotle Pork Chops, and this Zucchini Noodle Bolognese.

LISTENING TO: I remember my dad (an historian) reading the dictionary when I was younger and I thought it was the coolest. Definitions and spelling aside, you could ask him about the etymology and he'd spit out an answer. In the off-chance he didn't know the history or the origin, he'd gladly look it up and get you an answer. It was always fun to pick his brain and it made me wish I had the same ability to retain knowledge just as he does. I found this skill to be fascinating, which is probably why listening to A Way with Words on NPR every Sunday has become a ritual I look forward to so very much. Are you a fan?! I guess it takes a special kind of nerd to get this giddy about an hour-long discussion regarding language, grammar, word origins, regional dialects, expressions, etc.

READING: Jean Jullien's This Is Not A Book has quickly become one of our favorites. I picked up a copy while we were in D.C. —mostly because of the adorable illustrations— and now I'm eager to add more of his wordless pictures books to our library.

LOVING: Last year I wanted to get an outdoor table for Max; however, the one I was looking at was $120 and I knew it wasn't a necessity. But now that he can participate in activities for longer periods of time and we spend A LOT of time outside, I figured I would take another look at what's available just in case I could find a good deal on something that's aesthetically pleasing, good quality, and functional. So on Sunday I found myself browsing Amazon when I realized the exact set I was looking at last year (Outdoor Table w/ Benches & Umbrella) was HALF THE PRICE. Say what?! For $59 I figured it was worth a shot and I'm happy to say that we're really pleased with the purchase.  I'm not entirely sure why it went down in price (maybe the turquoise color?), but I figured I would pass this nugget of info along to you all in case you're in the market for something similar.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!! 
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