Tuesday, May 16, 2017



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! Let's jump straight to the Swell Rio details, shall we?!
  • If I had to choose an MVP for this past weekend, it would have to be Flyboy. Then again, he'd probably get that title every weekend, but this past weekend he went above and beyond to ensure I got some relief from Max in honor of Mother's Day. Bless. His. Heart. In between a manicure and matinee on Saturday, I met the boys in town for a quick trip to the park and a stop at Home Depot. I was especially happy I brought my camera along to snap a few photos and document the day's most delightful event! It got me thinking about how many of my favorite images have occurred on a slide. It never fails, you will ALWAYS get the most raw and joyful expressions. The kid comes out in every one.
  • Sunday was rough. Max went from one lengthy tantrum (lasts up to 45 minutes) to the next. At one point things got so bad that Flyboy witnessed his first "airport level" meltdown and finally understood how Max can get so explosive, you can't help but feel rattled. It's hard to describe until you've experienced it. Needless to say, it wasn't exactly how I envisioned Mother's Day would look, but in the spirit of honesty THIS is our life right now. I pray it's a phase and continue to look for ways in which I can help Max manage his behavior when things escalate and he becomes aggressive. It only seemed fitting that I call my mom ON Mother's Day in tears looking for MORE advice and encouragement. She always knows what to say. I now celebrate the holiday on a whole new level because I appreciate her more than ever before.
  • Truthfully, I didn't have the heart to download photos from the park until Monday morning. Sunday was just so exhausting. If it wasn't for the steaks we devoured at dinner, I was ready to call it a day by 3 pm. Haha! How pathetic is that?! Flyboy tried so hard to make everything go right, but we've learned those standards are near to impossible when you're working with someone as volatile as a toddler. In my opinion, if you treat the holiday as just a regular day, the monstrous meltdowns don't seem to sting quite as bad—it's just another day in the books. Ha Ha! But when the time was finally right and I decided to take a look at the images after waving good-bye to Flyboy yesterday morning as he left for work, my heart was happy and I realized this weekend wasn't so bad after all. We're not perfect, but we're learning from our mistakes. And to say we're underprepared for this parenting gig is a giant understatement, but we continue to show up anyway and LOVE the heck out of this child. The beauty in bringing your camera along to document the little moments, something as simple as a Saturday morning at the park, is that maybe one day I'll forget all the tears I shed and instead focus on the faces I saw on the numerous slides we've enjoyed over the years. Because right now the tears feel like the norm and as much as I wish it wasn't that way, I understand it's just a part of the hardest job I'll ever love.

Enough about me. How the heck are you? I'm dying to know.
(Also, I know I'm behind again with comments and emails. Bear with me, peeps.)
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