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Happy Tuesday, m' dears! I'm currently working on a Mother's Day Gift Guide that I'll post tomorrow, but I thought I'd pop in to share a little bit about what's been going on in Swell Rio since we last touched base. Go on and prepare yourself for the delightful deetz:

  • In the spirit of honesty, Flyboy and I had a dickens of a weekend with Max (I know, new week, same story). Woof! He was very well-behaved when we visited my parents, and I was hopeful that we turned a corner, but it appears everything that WAS working three weeks ago is now moot. With 2.5 years of parenthood under our belt, I'm not entirely sure WHY this narrative seems to surprise me. Maybe I'm just hopelessly optimistic?! At any rate, I've cried more times than I care to admit this past week, and just when I felt like I'd hit rock bottom, I stumbled upon the following Anne Lamott quote and I'm reminded of m' girl, Glennon, and her concept of "brutiful" in which the brutal ALWAYS transforms into the beautiful: "Faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness and discomfort, and letting it be there until some light returns."
  • As mentioned last Thursday, I decided to dive into another round of Whole 30 this month. I've completed ONE day so far and I'm already wondering why the $!&# I'm doing this again?! In an act of desperation, I found myself pathetically staring at my neighbor yesterday as she unloaded her groceries, and I dreamt of all the tasty contents she must have brought home from the store. Swoon! So while she proudly lugged a case of Fanta into her house (which I don't even like), I was left drinking Dump Ranch (very tasty, BTW) wishing I could just have the tiniest bit of milk in my coffee, honey in my vinaigrette, or corn in my salad. In that moment I was reminded why this reset will be beneficial. Le siiiiiiigh.
  • When we got back from DC, we headed to Home Depot to load up on plants and mulch to spruce up our surroundings. Yesssssss! Our annual horticulture haul reminded us that this could potentially be our last Spring in Swell Rio (knock on wood). Say what?! We don't have a clue where we'll be headed next, but we should have an idea later this Summer. The change won't be easy when the time finally comes (it never is), but we certainly welcome new opportunities after calling this place "home" for a total of SIX years. You guys, we'll be celebrating our 9th anniversary later this month. NEWS FLASH! We will have spent 2/3 of our MARRIED life here. Yep, it's definitely time for a change of scenery!
  • Last week's temps were a lot warmer than I'd prefer, but it was a great excuse to swap out my wardrobe, dust off some of my sleeveless favorites from last year (the best!), throw on some ridiculously cute sandals, and let Max go to town with the hose and his chalk. Unfortunately, his park bestie, Anna, was a no-show last week, so the resident toddler was left with his mom and dump truck. I'd like to think that I'm a close second to "Nanna"—like his tee implies—but hauling rocks and mulch still reigns supreme with this dude. As Ricky Bobby says, "If You ain't first, you're last." Womp, womp.

Enough about me. How the heck are you? I'm dying to know.

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